Hello everyone, and welcome to LaddersPoint.com. My name is Amy Hartley, and I am the founder of this website. I have taken up several house construction projects, and I often supervise the whole construction process. I take care of tasks from the foundation work until the interior work is completed. What I noticed is that all the construction and interior workers need a reliable ladder to work with. A stable ladder ensures that they have enough reach, and they can work on a firm base. This factor enables them to deliver their best.

The usage of the ladder is not just restricted to the construction work. You will need the ladder while you are cleaning the home or while you are trying to reach the roof. The ladders are also required while cleaning the rainwater drains. You will even need a short ladder while you are trying to reach the high cabinets. One thing that I noticed across my client base is the lack of knowledge about the ladders. For them, it is just one type of ladder. Often, many of my clients end up exchanging their purchases because their purchase fails to serve them the purpose.

That is precisely the reason why I thought of incepting this blog. I started with the blog to help my clients know about the different types of ladders. I am expanding the horizon of the blog, and I will also be listing the buying guides for different kinds of ladders available in the market. My primary purpose is to ensure that you buy a reliable ladder that will serve the purpose to you. I do not believe in recommending expensive products because the costly options might not always be the best ones. I go through each product, and I review it for you to buy something that suits your needs.

While I recommend ladders, I am totally against using a stool or a table because they can be very dangerous. A lot of people suffer from an injury because of such unsafe practices. I recommend you to buy a ladder that will serve the purpose. You can choose from the platform ladder, attic ladder, step stool, articulated ladder, extension ladder, multipurpose ladder, step ladder, and fire escape ladder. I will cover them all for you. If there is any category or a particular product that you would like to be reviewed, you can get in touch with me, and I will try to deliver it at the earliest.

You can go through the different sections of the website, and you can share your feedback with me. Your feedback is critical for me as I will be able to modify my content, depending on your feedback. I am still expanding the blog, and you will notice frequent updates from me on the website. Keep checking out the page for the updates, and you can also share the website with your friends and family to educate them about the best ladders available in the market. 

Amy Hartley

Founder | LaddersPoint.com