8 Best Attic Ladders 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

All the homes have an attic, and a lot of people need access to their attic. Some people even use their attic to store their stuff. Using the attic also helps you in utilizing the space properly. You can use the attic for various other purposes, and it makes total sense to make full use of this space. One necessary thing to access the attic is the attic ladder. You can use the regular ladders to climb into the attic, but that needs a lot of work. You will have to carry the ladder to the attic, attach it, and then you will be able to get access. Whereas the attic ladder can be attached to the attic door, and it can be retracted when it is not in use.  You can pull down the attic ladder when you need to climb the space.

Attic ladders are similar to the telescopic ladders, but they can be attached to the attic door. These are not necessarily made of aluminum. You will find attic ladders made of carbon steel, wood, and other similar materials. Insulation also plays a vital role in the attic ladders as a lack of insulation will shoot up your energy bills. Most of the attic ladders can be installed by yourself.

Best Buy Attic Ladder Reviews For 2021

It may be challenging to buy a perfect attic ladder. There are many unknowns, and there are many models available in the market. If you do not have much knowledge about the attic ladder, then you can rely on us for some reliable information. Move along and check out the top 8 best rated Attic Ladders available in 2021. Also check the list of best extension ladder for home use.

#1. Louisville Ladder AA2210 Elite Aluminum Attic LadderLouisville Ladder AA2210 Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder

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The first model on our list is from Louisville. The ladder is made of aluminum, and it is very durable. The ladder also comes with a cylinder that makes it possible for you to operate the ladder smoothly. The steps have cross-treads that makes it possible for you to climb safely. The feet are adjustable, and they improve stability as well. This ladder can be installed for heights between 7.7 feet to 10.25 feet. This model has a load capacity of 375 pounds, and it has opening dimensions of 22.5 inches x 54 inches. You need to check the other dimensions of this attic ladder as well.

The hinges are of very heavy duty, and they last very long. The ladder doesn’t wobble when you are climbing, and it is very stable. There are two sizes available on this ladder, and you can check out the one which is compatible with your model. The shoe is adjustable, and the handles are very ergonomic. The cylinder design is very advanced. This ladder is made compliant with safety standards. Overall, the ladder is great, and the foldable design helps you in conserving the space. You may need to add extra insulation while installing the ladder, but we did not notice any other point of concern apart from that.


  • Installing the ladder is very easy, and it can be installed with the help of the basic tools.
  • The cylinders in the ladder are of high quality, and they are very durable.
  • It has a rating of 375 pounds.


  • Some customers complained about the quality of this attic ladder.

#2. FAKRO LWP 66802 Insulated Attic LadderFAKRO LWP 66802 Insulated Attic Ladder

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The next model on our list is from Fakro. This model is made of wood, and it has a rough opening size of 25 inches x 47 inches. It is available in 2 more sizes, and you can choose the one that is suitable according to the dimensions of your attic. The ladder can be adjusted between the heights of 7.4 feet to 8.9 feet. The adjustments are easy to make, and you would not have to struggle with them. The wooden door frame also helps you in keeping the energy cost low. The thickness of the insulation is 1.125 inches, whereas the thickness of the hatch is 1.38 inches. The door is also well-balanced, and it opens smoothly. There is no sudden movement when you are using the attic ladder.

The maximum weight limit of this attic ladder is 300 pounds. You get a warranty from the brand, so do not worry about the quality of the ladder. The ladder can be installed easily by two people, and the thick rubber gasket reduces the heat loss. The frame is designed with pine, and it doesn’t slam shut during the regular operation. The ladder also features a metal handrail that improves the safety of the user. The ladder is slightly expensive, but that is because it is designed with solid wood.


  • The brand offers a two-year warranty on the attic ladder.
  • The ladder is well balanced, and it can be extended to a height of 8.10 feet.
  • The ladder is made of wood, and it has a high insulation level.


  • There are no cons associated with this attic ladder.

#3. Werner AH2510 25X54X120 Un Attic StairWerner AH2510 25X54X120 Un Attic Stair

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At number 3, we have an attic ladder from Wener. This ladder is also made of aluminum, and it has excellent insulation. The ladder allows you wide access, and it has a smooth opening as well. The design of the ladder is lightweight, and it lasts very long. The height for which the ladder can be used is between 8 feet to 10 feet. It also has a great load capacity of 375 pounds. Another advantage of this attic stair is that you do not have to go through the manuals to understand the installation process. The ladders’ feet can be adjusted as well, and it comes with a rubber grip, which ensures a proper grip. It would not damage the floor as the grip on the foot is made of soft material.

The dimensions of this attic ladder are 25 inches x 54 inches, and this model is especially helpful for the people who need a wider entrance for their attic. You will not have to crawl through the hole anymore if you are buying the ladder from this brand. Overall, the ladder is very sturdy, and it is also resistant to scratches. You can consider this model, and we can assure you that you will be pleased with the utility and the safety associated with this attic ladder.


  • The ladder has a weight capacity of 375 pounds, and the weight of this ladder is 52 pounds.
  • This ladder allows a wide access opening, which enables better access for you.
  • The ladder is available at an affordable price.


  • Nothing as such.

#4. Z6 Wall-Mounted attic Telescopic LadderZ6 Wall-Mounted attic Telescopic Ladder

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Some people prefer wall mounted attic ladder. If you are looking for something similar, then here is a nice telescopic ladder for you. This ladder can be used to get access to the attic, and it can also be used to gain access to the roof. Since it is attached to the wall, it is far more stable than other options available on our list. It is effortless to retract and unfold the ladder. This model is made of Carbon Steel, and it has a height range of 2 to 2.5 meters. There are other models available in this product range with an option of alloy built. The different dimensions are also available here. In total, the brand sells 11 versions in this attic ladder.

The rectangular frame that comes with this ladder is straightforward to fix. The brand has exceptional customer service. After you put in your order, the brand will contact you to confirm the specifications and requirements. There is no way that you will end up with a non-compatible product. The brand pays a lot of attention to the safety of the user. This ladder has also passed the national quality inspection test, and the quality is just excellent.


  • This ladder can be attached to the wall, and it saves a lot of space.
  • The steps are wider, and they offer you with the right amount of grip.
  • The customer service of the brand is outstanding.


  • A railing would have made this product even better.

#5. Louisville Ladder 22.5-by-54-Inch Wooden Attic LadderLouisville Ladder 22.5-by-54-Inch Wooden Attic Ladder

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If you prefer buying a wooden attic ladder, then here is another option from you. This ladder is also the second model from Louisville. The only difference is that the first model was designed with aluminum, and this model is designed with wood. You can check out the product listing on Amazon to check out the different variants available in this model. The rough opening dimensions for this ladder are 22.5 inches x 60 inches. This attic ladder can be used for a ceiling height of 8.8 feet to 10 feet. Apart from this, the ladder is strong enough to hold 250 pounds without any concerns. The structure has been reinforced, and it helps in getting higher durability. The steps are grooved to offer you traction while you are climbing.

The hinges of the adder are made of industrial quality, and they unfold very smoothly. These hinges offer exceptional stability, which ensures that the ladder doesn’t vibrate while you are climbing up or down. There is an additional wire rod under each step to offer a higher strength. The ladder also comes with a strap system to make it easy for you to install it. Another good thing about this setup is the side rails that give you a handgrip, and it enables you to climb even when you have stuff in your hand.


  • The spring tension can easily be adjusted, and it helps you customize the working of the ladder.
  • The grooved steps and the handrail enables you to climb the stairs easily.
  • The brand also offers a limited warranty on the model.


  • There are no cons associated with this ladder.

#6. TECHTONGDA Attic Extension Loft LadderTECHTONGDA Attic Extension Loft Ladder

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Here is another wall mounted attic ladder on our list. It is specially designed for people who need a higher weight capacity. The model is designed with alloy, and it is probably one of the most expensive options on the list. The premium that you pay here is for the quality and the material. Believe it or not, this ladder has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. The frame dimensions are 27.6 inches x 27.6 inches. There are a total of 12 steps, and the height of the ladder is easily adjustable. You will feel comfortable climbing the ladder as it has a dimension of 19 inches x 5.5 inches.

The ladder also has stainless steel rivets, which not only gives strength to the structure, but it also ensures that the joints don’t rust. The ladders are powder coated to provide it with a perfect finish. All the steps have a grip on them, ensuring that you do not slip while climbing the ladder. The wall hanging plate has also been designed with steel, which is why it can take so much weight. It is available in black color, and it looks incredible no matter where you install it.


  • This ladder has a weight capacity of 500 pounds to 600 pounds.
  • The total length of the ladder is 3 meters, and it is made of Al-Mg alloy.
  • This model is available in black color, and it looks terrific.


  • The ladder is one of the most expensive options on our list.

#7. FAKRO LMS 66869 Insulated Steel Attic LadderFAKRO LMS 66869 Insulated Steel Attic Ladder

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At number 7, we have another model available from Fakro. The previous model from Fakro was designed with insulated wood, whereas, this model is designed with insulated steel. This attic ladder is available in three dimensions: 22 inches x 47 inches, 22 inches x 54 inches, and 30 inches x 54 inches. The installation process is quite simple, and it has a rough opening of 30 inches x 54 inches. The ladder’s height can be adjusted easily, and it means that you will be able to use this ladder for 7.9 feet to 10.1 feet. The door frame is also made of insulated wood, and it helps you further bring down the energy cost.

The door opens easily, and the spring system makes it easy to close the door as well. You will not experience any jerks or sudden movements while opening or closing the door. The door closing mechanism is very smooth. This wooden ladder also has a weight limit of 350 pounds. The steps also have a unique pattern, which saves you from slippage. Overall, the quality of this steel attic ladder is quite impressive. You can check out more information about this product by visiting the Amazon link listed above.


  • The warranty on this attic ladder is two years.
  • The attic ladder is made of wood, and there is an adequate level of insulation.
  • Just one person can install the ladder.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#8. Z6 Aluminum Alloy Household Retractable LadderZ6 Aluminum Alloy Household Retractable Ladder

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Here is the last attic ladder on our list, and this one is a wall mounted ladder. It is made of high quality Aluminum Alloy, and it is completely retractable. The ladder has multiple configurations available. The minimum height available from the brand is 1.9 meters, and the maximum one available is 3.9 meters. You also have an option to buy a custom made ladder. The color options available are Orange, Black, and Blue. Wall mounting unit has dimensions of 60 cm x 70 cm. The footsteps have a mat fixed on them, and this mat prevents you from slipping. You can simply pull down the ladder when you wish to use it, and you can fold it back when you are not using it.

The exact material used is an alloy of aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. This combination gives you a lot of structural strength to the attic ladder. It is quite a safe design, and it is also resistant to rust. The brand always performs multiple quality tests on their ladder, and hence you would not have to worry about the safety either.


  • The ladder is available in 8 size options, and you can also place a custom order.
  • The ladder can handle a load of 660 pounds.
  • The brand has very reliable customer service.


  • This attic ladder is quite an expensive purchase.

How To Choose The Best Attic Ladder

You need to look at many factors before you buy an attic ladder. There is a high possibility that the one your friend is using will not be compatible with your attic. It is better to go through all the factors listed in this buying guide in such a case. These factors will ensure that you buy an attic ladder that meets your requirements.


You would need to decide the type of attic ladder first. There are multiple options available in the market. It also depends on where you are installing the ladder. Many people install the attic ladder in the garage. Some people assign it in a room that is used less. Look at the exact size of the attic door and take a note of it. You must also ensure that you are not messing with the main structure.

Also, while considering the type of attic ladder, it is always better to buy a telescoping ladder. They feature a folding design, and it is the easiest one to use. You can use the additional space in the house to store the ladder. Some designs have a pull-down feature. They can be attached to the attic door, and you can pull down the ladder. You may even choose a ladder with a handrail as it will enable you to get better stability while climbing the ladder.


The material of the attic ladder is another point to be considered while making the purchase. The usual materials you will find are the ladder, steel, and aluminum. If you are looking for a durable attic ladder, then you must buy something designed with aluminum. If insulation is your main point of concern, then you must purchase a ladder made of wood. If you store many things in your attic, you can buy a ladder made of carbon steel. These ladders will be slightly heavy, but they are going to be the most durable of all.

Weight Limit

Each ladder has a specific weight limit. You need to consider that factor before finalizing your purchase. The attic ladder should have a weight limit of at least 300 pounds. You may even buy a ladder with a higher weight limit as it will help you in taking things to the attic, which may be heavy.


Dimensions of the attic ladder are the next point that you must consider while making the purchase. They are available in various configurations, and you need to see what is right for you. Check the product description, and you will get an idea of the maximum height of the attic ladder. You can even check the width of the attic ladder. Lastly, it may even be useful to check the weight of the ladder.

Ease of Installation

Most of the attic ladders need a certain level of installation. You can go ahead and install most of the attic ladders yourself. It is better to buy an attic ladder that can be installed yourself. In such a case, you must check out the kind of installation required before purchasing the attic ladder. Most of the ladders will come with the installation instructions. You can avoid buying the ladder that has complicated installation instructions. 


It is also essential to check for the insulation associated with the attic ladder. If you are buying the wooden ladder, then it is undoubtedly well insulated. If you are buying the steel ladder, you will need to purchase something insulated on the sides. You can even install a layer of insulation if the ladder doesn’t have it. The insulation will avoid the loss of heat, and it will reduce your energy bills.

Color and Finish

It may be an insignificant point for many people, but we feel that the ladder should look great. You can buy the attic ladder that has an excellent finish. Looking at the color and the color’s finish will ensure that you can install it anywhere in the house.


The last point is the price of the attic ladder. Buy something available at a reasonable price point. The attic ladder has a starting price point of around $100, and the maximum price can go up to $1000, depending on what you are buying. In such a case, it is better to buy something that would fall in your budget. The factor is certainly crucial if you are price sensitive while purchasing anything. Also, do not compromise on quality while buying the attic ladder.

Attic Ladder Using Guidelines

As we learned that attic ladders are of a few types and most of them are similar. Using a good quality attic ladder can ensure better durability and safety for the user. If you recently bought an attic ladder and are not sure that how to use it properly, follow the given steps –

Installing the ladder

The very first thing you should be doing is to install the ladder. You can install a good quality attic ladder by finding the best one from the given list. After buying the ladder, you should always check the User Manual to learn about the adequate method. Or, you can hire a professional to install an attic ladder. To install the ladder yourself, the following steps will come in handy.

Measure the Size and Mark it

Each attic ladder has a minimum space requirement. If your attic space has limited space, you should find the right type of attic ladder. Make sure that you mark a square as required for the installation. Usually, you have to cut at least 4×4 feet for a perfect view of the attic. You can get inside the attic using a ladder and find the placement of the attic ladder.

Cutting with Professional Tools

In the cutting procedure, it would be cherry on top as if you have professional tools and a little experience to use them. You need a reciprocating saw to cut a square. After marking the cutting zone, you can start from any corner of the marked zone, and start cutting slowly. Wear safety goggles to prevent dust from getting inside your eyes and reducing vision. Cut along the marked lines you have made with the help of chalk.

Attach Header Board

After cutting the space, it is time to install the header board to hold. Attach the header board first and then create some support boards to prevent it from falling. Get someone in the attic to attach the shim, and another person will be helping from down to hold down the weight.

Securing the Ladder

Once you have installed the frame, it is time to install the ladder inside and then marking the location where the ladder steps fall. Secure the ladder perfectly in place and use some bolts to prevent it from slipping. After installing the extra bolts, everything is done, and you can test the attic ladder first to ensure that it is firmly installed in place and it won’t be falling at all.

Attic Ladder Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is better: Wooden or Aluminum Attic Ladder?

    As per a general notion, the aluminum attic ladder is considered to be the best. The aluminum ladders are strong, yet they are lightweight. The aluminum ladders do not get impacted by weather or humidity. They require a lot less maintenance, and they also turn out to be cheaper in the long run. If you are looking for a lightweight & easy to use a ladder, you can go ahead and check out the aluminum attic ladder. If you are worried about the design & looks, we would recommend you opt for the wooden attic ladder.

  • What is the installation cost associated with an attic ladder?

    You can check the cost of the ladder, and it will vary as per your choice. We can estimate how much you will have to spend to get the attic ladder installed. This would usually range between $200 & $700. The cost depends on the amount of work that the technician would need to do to complete the project. You can hire the technician hourly, and it would cost you around $60 an hour. On the other hand, the contract may cost you close to $250. It is worth checking if the consumables are included in the agreement or not.

  • How can I measure the attic ladder opening?

    The size of the attic ladders is based on the opening size. You need to be precise while measuring the opening, or else the ladder might not fit in. You would need to measure the opening and not the frame of the ladder. To measure the opening, you need to measure the length and the width of the attic between the two lumbers. While measuring the attic opening, you must also measure the floor to ceiling height, swing clearance, and landing space. All these factors would help you in choosing the best possible attic ladder.

  • Is the attic ladder safe for my kids?

    It depends on the kind of attic ladders do you have. Does your attic ladder has a side rail for holding it? Ideally, you should never allow your child to climb the attic unsupervised. You must also not let the child play in the attic until and unless you have ensured the child’s safety. There can be stray wires and other such things in the attic that can cause a problem for the child. It is best not to allow the child to climb the attic, but if you want the child to climb the attic ladder, always supervise him and support him.

  • How to adjust the attic ladder spring?

    The springs on the attic ladder enable you to pull down the ladder. To adjust the springs, first pull down the stairs. Now, you need to find the position of the adjustment nuts. It will be located on the threaded stems of the J-hook connected to the inner end of the spring. Now, turn the adjustment nut as per the needs and stop when you have the right settings. With time, these springs can also go bad, and in such a case, you would need to replace the ladder spring. Replacing the spring can be done by yourself if you know the right procedure.

Final Verdict

We have shared the top eight attic ladders available in the market. You can pick the one that you like. We have covered different types of styles so you can check them out all. Try and buy a ladder that has a pull-down design. In addition to this, you must also check out the safety features of the attic ladder. Like we said earlier, it is better to buy something that can be installed by yourself. We are sure that the reviews would have undoubtedly helped you in making the selection. It is better to check the buying guide before finalizing the purchase.

If you need more information about these products, you can visit the page associated with these attic ladders. Before closing the page, you can bookmark the website, and you can also share it with your friends and family. Thank You.