10 Best Fire Escape Ladders 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

A small spark can lead to a fire in the building. Even when the wires are fire-resistant, there can be many other factors that can lead to the fire in the house. If you ever encounter a situation when the building or the house is caught on fire, the first response should be to run out of the home. It is always easy for the people staying on the ground floor to run out of the property. The real trouble is for the people who are staying above the ground floor. Waiting for the fire services can be fatal, and you may lose your life because of the smoke. In such a case, you need to escape the building safely as soon as possible.

The easiest way to escape the building from any floor is by using a fire escape ladder. Many places have regulations that make it mandatory by law to install a fire ladder in the house. These ladders are usually compactly hidden under the window. In case of an emergency, you just need to pull out the ladder and throw it out of the window. Within seconds, you will be ready to climb down and escape the fatal incident. After you purchase the fire escape ladder, you need to install it. In case of emergency, you just need to unfold the ladder.

Best Buy Fire Escape Ladder Reviews 2021

Your life may be dependent on this ladder, and hence you must always invest in a good quality fire escape ladder. The main question is which one to buy. Well, there are several brands, and they all offer something or the other. We researched for you, and we came up with the list of the best fire escape ladders available in 2021. You can scroll through this list in the section below, and you can look at the best-selling models. You can even check out each product’s pros and cons to make it easy for yourself to compare various options. So, here is the list of best fire escape ladders for 2021 –

#1. Kidde 468193 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape LadderKidde 468193 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

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One of the best-selling fire escape ladder available in the market is from Kiddie. You can choose between the 13 feet and 25 feet options. You do not have to screw the plate under the window. Instead, you can attach it quickly to the window when you need it. This feature is quite desirable when it comes to the fire escape ladder. The material is very durable, and it is also flame resistant. With a load capacity of 1000 pounds, you will evacuate multiple people in one go.

After attaching the ladder to the window, you can simply unfurl the ladder by pulling the strap. The tangle free design ensures that the ladder gets appropriately deployed. The best part is this ladder doesn’t require any tool for the installation. It is also available at an affordable price. The rung plates are designed with zinc, and it features an anti-skid design. Overall, it is one of the best options available in the market. 


  • It can be attached immediately to the window.
  • You have 13 feet and 25 feet option available on this fire escape ladder.
  • It features a tangle-free, flame-resistant design with a five-year warranty.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

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#2. DELXO Fire Escape LadderDELXO Fire Escape Ladder

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If you have a two-story house, you can also try your hand on this fire escape ladder. It has a length of 13 feet, and its load handling capacity is 1000 pounds. This ladder doesn’t need to be installed either. It can fit the falls of up to 14 inches. Moreover, the hooks are easy to attach. The standoffs are very strong, and the anti-skid rungs make the evacuation a lot easier. The ladder has extensive use of aluminum, and it gives a lot of strength to the fire escape ladder.

The ladder gets deployed as soon as you pull the strap. The ladder doesn’t tangle, and it gets deployed very quickly. You can prepare yourself for emergencies by purchasing this ladder. The rugged design makes it worth the price. If you wish to check out more details about this fire escape ladder, you can visit the link listed with this product.


  • The ladder has anti-skid rungs, and it has a capacity of 1000 pounds.
  • The hooks are adjustable, and you can attach it to walls with a thickness of up to 14 inches.
  • You don’t need tools to assemble the ladder.


  • We couldn’t notice any weakness in this ladder.

#3. Sharewin Portable Fire Ladder 3 Story Emergency Escape LadderSharewin Portable Fire Ladder 3 Story Emergency Escape Ladder

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Are you not able to find the right size of the ladder? Here is one offering from Sharewin that has a lot of options available when it comes to size. You have an option to buy 15 feet, 25 feet, and 50 feet ladder. This ladder is also very stable, and it has wide steps. The center support enables many people to climb at once. The ladder remains stable, and the design supports it.

The screws used in the ladder are very sturdy, and the ladder they do not loosen with the time. The ladder rope is robust, and it has a braided design. Storing the ladder is easy, as the foldable brackets make it very compact. You will install this ladder with a wall that has a thickness between 5.51 inches and 11.02 inches. Overall, it is a reliable offering from Sharewin.


  • It is available in 15 feet, 25 feet & 25 feet length.
  • The ladder has wide steps with center support, and it enables you to climb down safely.
  • The ladder is easy to support, and it can be mounted when required.


  • It is a one time use ladder.

#4. Hausse Retractable 3 Story Fire Escape LadderHausse Retractable 3 Story Fire Escape Ladder

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Here is another 25 feet ladder available on our list. This model also comes with the retractable ladder hooks, and these hooks can be extended when the ladder needs to be used. The ladder is easy to use, and there is no assembly required, and it can be mounted on the window when needed. Most of the ladders do not come with a bag whereas, this model comes with a storage bag. You can store it under your bed or the table, and the bag is easy to spot as well.

The weight capacity of the ladder is 1000 pounds, and it is a durable fire escape ladder. The strap makes it easy to deploy the ladder. The steps are wide enough to help you in climbing down. They offer an excellent grip, and you would not slip. It should be noted that this ladder is one-time use only.


  • The ladder has a 25 feet length, and it has retractable hooks.
  • It has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds.
  • The ladder also comes with a red canvas bag that makes it easy to spot.


  • It is slightly more expensive when compared with other options on the list.

#5. Werner ESC220 Fire Escape LadderWerner ESC220 Fire Escape Ladder

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Werner is a renowned brand that manufactures ladders, and at number 5, we have a fire escape ladder from Werner. This fire escape ladder is for the two-story buildings, and it is also available in 3 story size. It is primarily for the people who have large families as the fire escape ladder’s weight handling capacity is 1200 pounds.  Each rung can handle 400 pounds without any issues. The best advantage of this fire escape ladder is that it can evacuate multiple people simultaneously.

It gets installed under the window, and this way, you would not have to look for the fire escape ladder in case of an emergency. It saves precious time in case of emergency. The rungs are flat, and they also have groves to give you extra grip. The assistance strap makes an exit even easier. There is extensive use of aluminum in this fire escape ladder, and it is worth the premium that you pay for the ladder.


  • The ladder has a capacity of 1200 pounds.
  • It has flat rungs with anti-slip grooves and anti-slip straps.
  • It can easily be used with any size window and roofline.


  • The installation process needs 1 to 2 hours.

#6. ISOP Fire Escape Ladder 2 StoryISOP Fire Escape Ladder 2 Story

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If the capacity is the primary concern for you, then here is a fire escape ladder from ISOP. This model has a capacity of 2000 pounds, and it is one of the most compact fire escape ladder available in the market. The fire escape ladder is made of nylon rope, and it has carbines at the end that can handle the force of 11 KN. The shortest length available in this model is 8 feet, and the maximum size is 32 feet. You also get a bag in this pack.

The rungs have a coating of resin, and they also have a texture to ensure that you do not slip. All the rungs are 1 foot wide, and that also enables you to climb down easily. Apart from using this as a fire escape ladder, you can even use it for fun activities. You will be able to attach this fire escape ladder to the treehouse as well.


  • The brand offers one year warranty on this fire escape ladder.
  • The ladder comes with a bag, and it has a capacity of 2000 pounds.
  • It is a versatile option that can also be used for fun activities.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#7. X-IT 2 Story (13′) Emergency Fire Escape LadderX-IT 2 Story (13') Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

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If you do not mind spending a little extra on the fire escape ladder, then here is one of the safest fire escape ladders for you. This listing is available from X-IT, and it offers an award-winning fire escape ladder. The ladder is available in sizes from 2 stories in length to 6 stories in height. Another advantage of purchasing this ladder is that if you use it in a documented emergency, it will offer you a free replacement. It means that you won’t have to spend money on replacing the fire escape ladder.

Fox News also tested the ladder, and it became one of the most preferred brands. The ladder even exceeds the ASTM F2175 standards. It comes with a universal fit size, and you also get a storage bag along with this fire escape ladder. There is no competition for the quality of this fire escape ladder.


  • The brand offers a free replacement if the ladder is used in a documented emergency.
  • This fire escape ladder exceeds ASTM F2175 safety standards.
  • The design of the ladder is very compact.


  • It is slightly more expensive than the average products available in the market.

#8. Hynawin Emergency Fire Escape LadderHynawin Emergency Fire Escape Ladder 

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Moving on to number 8, we have a fire escape ladder from Hynawin. This ladder is available in 2 to 6 story lengths. The ladder can be attached to any window, and it also has central support that makes the ladder very stable. The ladder is made of aluminum, and it fits the typical window size without any problem. Since the ladder is made of flexible material, it becomes easy for you to navigate the obstructions. 

The steps are broad, and they offer a high amount of portability to the user. Deploying the fire escape ladder takes just a few seconds. Anti-slip rungs are yet another advantage of buying the fire escape ladder. You can fold it later, and reuse the ladder when required. The overall pack size is compact. In terms of safety, the ladder meets EN131 safety certification. At a time, three people can quickly be evacuated using this ladder.


  • The ladder is very portable, and it meets EN131 security standards.
  • The ladder has V support in the center, and it is very stable.
  • The ladder is sturdy, and it has a weight capacity of 990 pounds.


  • N/A

#9. BHWHOME Emergency Fire Escape LadderBHWHOME Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

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Here is a fire escape ladder from BHWHome. This fire escape ladder is made of nylon rope, and it has a capacity of 900 pounds. The hooks on the fire escape ladder are reliable, and they feature a rotating nut to enhance your safety. The ladder is suitable for children and adults, helping you evacuate people in a challenging situation. There are different sizes available on this fire escape ladder. It comes in 15 feet, 25 feet, and 32 feet options.

The overall design of the ladder is very compact, and it can be easily stored when required. You can hang it around the treehouse, or you can use it for recreational activities as well. The brand also offers a one-year customer satisfaction guarantee on this purchase. 


  • You get a one-year customer satisfaction guarantee with this fire escape ladder.
  • The ladder is available in three different sizes.
  • It is very portable, and it is also available at an affordable price.


  • Some people reported that the length of the fire escape ladder is not as per specifications.

#10. ResQLadder Fire Escape LadderResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder

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This fire escape ladder is the last option available on our list. This model is designed for four-story buildings, and it has a length of 35 feet. The total weight of the fire escape ladder is 27.15 pounds, and it is very sturdy. The rungs, hooks, and the rails are made of metal, which gives it a lot of strength. The overall weight capacity of this fire escape ladder is 1000 pounds. It can easily fit the standard windowsill, and it stays very stable as well. You can deploy this fire escape ladder very quickly, and you can remove it after the emergency. 

The ladder can be reused, and a lot of people prefer the ladder because of this feature. It is made in the USA. Hence there are going to be no concerns about the quality of the ladder. Overall, it is very sturdy, and the steel chains make many difference in structural stability.


  • The ladder is made of metal, and it is very sturdy.
  • This ladder is manufactured in the USA, and this makes you trust the quality.
  • The hooks on the ladder can fit all window sills.


  • It is slightly heavy.

How To Choose The Best Fire Escape Ladder

Every product in the market claims to be the best. It is certainly not right in the perfect market condition. You have the right to choose the fire escape ladder that you like. However, there is a list of factors that you must consider before finalizing the purchase. You need to ensure that the fire escape ladder is safe, and it will be able to handle the stressful situation in case of a fire. Many other factors would impact your purchase decision. So, go ahead, and check out all the points in this buying guide.

Fire Escape Ladder’s Length

While buying the ladder, you would need to check the length. This factor needs to be considered by default. Consider what floor you live on, and also assess the height of the window from the ground. Now, buy the ladder accordingly. Ensure that there is a little extra space to compensate for any blockages on the way to the ground. It will even be better if you install the ladder on a window where there are no obstructions.

Weight Handling Capacity

It is essential to check the length of the ladder, but at the same time, it is also crucial to check the weight rating. Here, the 300-pound capacity would not work because we are sure that you do not wish to be in a situation where only one person can climb down at a time. You will be expecting almost everyone in the house to climb down simultaneously. In such a case, buy the ladder that has a minimum capacity of 1000 pounds. This way, you will be able to evacuate multiple people at the same time.

Material Used

You must also consider the material that is used in manufacturing the fire escape ladder. It will define the durability of the ladder. You will come across the ladders that are designed with steel, nylon, or even polyester. Most of these ladders will have a fire-resistant coating on them. Just ensure that the material has high tensile strength, and it doesn’t break easily. Some brands even combine two or more materials to get better durability. This factor remains one of the most important things that you would need to consider while buying a fire escape ladder.

Slip-Resistant & Grip

A lot of people panic during such emergencies. In the panic and hurry, you may end up slipping off the ladder. This situation can be dangerous, and the easy way to mitigate your risk is by investing in a fire escape ladder with anti-skid rungs. The anti-skid rungs will make it easy for you to climb down even when the ladder is dripping with water. In most cases, the rungs or the steps will have a special coating that will stop you from slipping. You must also check if the ladder has a good grip or not. The handgrip is as important as the steps of the ladder.

Heat Resistant Capacity

In case of fire, the metal may get very hot. The heat may make it virtually impossible for you to climb down the ladder. The solution to the problem is purchasing the fire escape ladder with a heat resistant coating on it. The insulation on the ladder will pervert it from heating up to astronomically high temperatures. It will make the evacuation easy, even when the intensity of the fire is high.

Easy to Install

You would need to install the ladder so that it becomes possible for you to deploy the fire escape ladder in case of an emergency. You need to see what does the installation process involves. Most of the ladders are quite simple to install, and you will secure it to the wall all by yourself. You can even check if the ladder has a compact assembly or not. The compact ones would be better if you are installing the fire escape ladder in the bedroom.

Easy to Use

The ladder needs to be easy to install. At the same time, it is also vital for the fire escape ladder to be easy to use. You do not want to spend time while deploying the fire escape ladder. The toxins may harm you if you spend too much time inside the house. You should be able to deploy it within seconds. The ladder should not be heavy, and it should also have florescent markings so that you can deploy it even when it is dark.

Safety Rating

How would you know if the ladder is safe or not? An easy way to find out about the safety is by checking the fire escape ladder ratings. You can check the fire escape ladder’s standard safety rating, and you can also check if your state demands specifically rated products. Never compromise on the safety ratings, and ensure that you buy the best option available to you.

Warranty Policy

You will be surprised to know that many brands offer a lifetime warranty on the ladders. Some of the brands even allow a free exchange after you have deployed the fire escape ladder. Going with such products certainly makes you feel safer. You can check for the warranty policy on the fire escape ladder, and you can even check what extra does the brand offers.


Honestly, you can ignore this factor. We don’t want you to consider the cost while you are purchasing the safety equipment. Ensure that you buy the best, which will help you save precious lives in case of an emergency. You can check for deals, but in the end, buy the best product available in the market.

Fire Escape Ladder Using Guidelines

Here are some safety precautions to take when using fire escape ladders that may be of assistance:

  • Once you’ve found the perfect fire escape ladders for your needs don’t just sit back and enjoy your victory. You must make certain that they are located near the required windows in each room that have them.
  • You should double-check that each assigned window is functional and everyone understands how to unveil and allow accessing the windows in the case of an emergency.
  • You must also ensure that every family member is familiar with the use of ladders. Young children should practice from a first-floor window, with you watching over their shoulders. Assemble these practice sessions as part of your family’s emergency preparedness plan.
  • If you do not yet have a fire escape plan for your residence or do not conduct annual fire alarms, there is no reason to wait. The more that everybody prepares for a potentially hazardous emergency, the adequately equipped they will be, and the faster and more automatic their reactions will be during a real fire.
  • Only fire escape ladders that have been evaluated by a nationally recognized test center, such as Underwriter’s Laboratory, should be used in an emergency. Verification can be accomplished by looking for the accredited label on the packaging.
  • Escape ladders should only be used if your residence is no more than three stories high. The use of fire escape ladders on the 4th and higher floors can be extremely dangerous.
  • Escape ladders should never be used as the main escape route. Evacuation via escape windows and ladders should only be attempted if the main escape route has been blocked by smoke or fire. 
  • Keep an emergency fire escape ladder for each available space on the 2nd and/or 3 stories, and close to a window, so that you can get to them quickly in an emergency.
  • Make certain that everyone in the household, including the elderly and the children, is aware of the location of the escape ladders.
  • Involve all household members in reading the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure that everyone understands how to use the ladder safely.
  • Windows with security bars should be equipped with emergency release gadgets if someone opens them quickly to use a ladder to break free a fire.

It is important to practice fire escape ladders and its procedures at home to protect yourself and your family.

Fire Escape Ladder Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the Fire Escape ladders worth investing in?

    The fire escape ladders are amongst the base safety tools to invest in if you live in a high rise apartment. Though these apartments usually have a fire escape plan, still if you want to be double sure about your family’s safety, you should invest in a good quality fire escape ladder according to your needs and budget.

    The fire escape ladders can help you save your precious life if the fire escape plan of the building you are living in somehow fails, Additionally, they are a long-term investment and you won’t have to buy a new ladder for yourself if you have chosen the durable and good quality fire escape ladder. So, without any second thought in mind, go with the best-in-class fire escape ladder in your budget.

  2. What are the key characteristics of a reliable fire escape ladder?

    Like the other home-use ladders, the fire ladders are also available in a wide range and designs. And this can lead to confusion for first-time buyers. So, here are a few important things that you can keep in mind while purchasing the most ideal and reliable fire escape ladder for yourself.

    Material Quality
    Design of the ladder
    Length and usability

    By keeping these three points in mind you can easily find an exceptional fire escape ladder for your home.

  3. What is the ideal material for a fire escape ladder?

    Fire escape ladders come in a wide range of materials from different brands. However, if you are willing to buy a reliable and durable product, we will suggest you to go with the metal ladders that are the best choice to go for under these situations. They are durable, easier to maintain and offers brilliant value for money. So, if you are having options, we will recommend you to try hands on the metal fire escape ladders for your home.

  4. Are they viable to use for kids?

    The fire escape ladders are usually designed in a way that they can be used easily by the kids as wells as the elderly family members in your home. So, if you were ignoring the fire escape ladders for this reason, you shouldn’t worry about this anymore. Also, you can refer to the user reviews of the ladder before actually purchasing the product to know whether you are going with the right product, or not.

  5. What we should do for the maintenance of the fire escape ladders?

    Maintenance is something that you should take seriously in case of the fire ladders. If you have a foldable fire escape ladder, then it is essential to keep them unfolded for a few hours once a month so the joints work properly in the case of an emergency. Also, be sure to provide them regular lubrication as per the design and material of the ladder. These two simple things will keep the fire escape ladders well maintained and you can easily rely on them in case of emergency.

Final Verdict

We have covered all the information that you might need while purchasing the fire escape ladder. Before making the final purchase, you must review the points covered in the Buying Guide. While choosing the length of the ladder, ensure that you measure the height of the building. It would not hurt to have a few extra feet at the end. This extra length may help you in landing while you are climbing down. These ladders come pre-assembled, and you just need to screw the plate on under the window. Some of the brands even offer a lifetime warranty on these fire escape ladders.

You can even check out the more details about the fire escape ladder by visiting the listing product page. There is a link associated with each product that we have reviewed, and it will redirect you to the Amazon catalog.  From the page, you will also see the images and the deals available on that particular fire escape ladder. If you have any more questions about the fire escape ladders, you can reach out to us, and we will be happy to help you. Thank You.