10 Best Step Ladders 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Have you ever faced the hassle while you try changing your room’s lights once they stop working? Or, have you ever found yourself getting pissed off because you are unable to take those jars out of the top kitchen cabinets? If yes, then you should think of buying a step ladder as soon as possible. These ladders are convenient and easy to store. You can incorporate them during most of the tasks such as electrical jobs, residential chores, cleaning your car, cleaning your study room shelves, and what not?

In the design of this ladder, you will find two to three steps. Unlike simple ladders, you won’t need to have the support of a wall to make it stand. As these ladders usually have a foldable design, you just have to unfold it, and you will be ready to step on it using both your feet. Because of the same foldable nature, the storage of step ladders is also effortless. They can be slid in tiny spaces, and you won’t have to worry about finding the right spot for them at your home.

Best Buy Step Ladders Reviewed For 2021

However, one must think vividly that these ladders are not always qualitative once you go shopping for them in the stores near you. Even if they are, they are mostly priced at a rate that is unaffordable for many people. Because of these reasons, there comes a need to at least look for them online. Well, we did the whole work for you, and you will love that what we found was pretty amazing. Today, we have ten of the best step ladders for you.

We are going to review all of them by describing all the features and specifications of each product. Let us dive into our work below – 

#1. HBTower Three Step Ladder with Anti-Slip PedalHBTower Three Step Ladder with Anti-Slip Pedal

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These days it is essential to have a step ladder that is the most portable that it can be. If it is not, you will notice and face many problems while you finish a task that requires it. Other than that, it is also crucial to have such ladders that are capable of holding massive weight on them. Keeping all of these features in mind, we chose the HB Tower step ladder for a discussion at the first spot. It comes in a foldable design to save a lot of space in the storehouse that you will keep it in. 

You can use this superb step ladder indoors as well as outdoors. It has a highly stable structure as it is made using a steel frame. You will also find metal buckles in this frame that automatically get locked as soon as you stand on the ladder with both of your feet. Since there are three steps in this ladder, you will be able to reach higher-than-normal height. With this step ladder cleaning and changing lights that are fix far up on the ceiling will be exceptionally easy for you. This step ladder can also withstand the weight of 500 pounds easily.


  • The warranty for this step ladder is hassle-free to claim.
  • There are three steps in this step ladder for access to higher areas. 
  • You can use it inside as well as outside your house. 
  • The metal buckles lock pretty well when you step on the ladder.


  • We have not found any cons about this step ladder.

#2. Delxo 2 Step Ladder with Wide PedalDelxo 2 Step Ladder with Wide Pedal

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As we discussed a step ladder with three steps, we will bring some light on a fantastic step ladder with two steps. This ladder by Delxo will prove to be fantastic for usage in the kitchen. When you are in the kitchen, there will always be some cabinets that you won’t reach. This can make some people exceptionally exhausted. Even when they can reach it, they still find it tricky to use those cabinets in the first place. In such situations, this step ladder will help in vast and tremendous ways.

Because of its lightweight frame design, you can pull it anywhere. Its upper handle is slightly bent so that you can grab it during its usage and when you think of storing it. Like the previous ladder, this step ladder can also be folded. The handgrip on it has an anti-slip design, which will help in many ways when you think of porting the ladder. This step ladder has certificates for safety and quality by GS and TUV. You won’t have any complaints about it whatsoever.


  • The stability of this step ladder always remains high. 
  • Its design is very simple, but you will like its strength a lot.
  • The maximum weight that this step ladder can handle is 330 pounds. 
  • It can also be used as a pet stool or a small chair.


  • One won’t be able to reach very high up with this step ladder.

#3. Louisville 3-Foot Step Ladder made with AluminumLouisville 3-Foot Step Ladder made with Aluminum

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Aluminum is known to be one of the sturdiest construction materials. At the same time, it is also lightweight. This is also the reason why it is used in making many parts of airplanes. That is how trustable Aluminum is. What if we tell you right now that you can buy an aluminum step ladder if you wish? Yes, we are surely not kidding. On number three, the Louisville 3-Foot step ladder has secured its firm spot on this list. With an aluminum frame, it is not only easily portable but also long-lasting and strengthened.

You will be most surprised that it only weighs 8 pounds! With an elegant and robust design, this step ladder can easily face the maximum bodyweight of 225 pounds. If you work for residential, electrical, or construction jobs, then this is the step ladder that you need right now. Additionally, most step ladders in the market are known not to remain fixed in a position. Using such ladders is unsafe. But on this step ladder, you will fix rubber tops on the feet. These pieces will never make the ladder slip.


  • The pro-tip system of this step ladder is patented. 
  • As its frame is made using Aluminum it is lighter than other step ladders. 
  • You will also find a molded tray on its design. 
  • People choose this for their residential as well as electrical jobs. 


  • The tray can be difficult to use for some people.

#4. Little Giant Step LadderLittle Giant Step Ladder

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Another step ladder made using an Aluminum frame is this one by Little Giant. It is a well-rated step ladder used by many people in the United States for jobs like painting a house, changing ceiling lights and whatnot. All of these perks can be taken from it because of its huge height. Generally, you won’t find step ladders with a height of 75 inches. However, Little Giant helps everyone who has been looking for a long and stable step ladder to finish off all their residential tasks.  

The product comes in a gray design and weighs only 14 pounds. The low weight is impressive because when you think about the ladder’s height, you must feel that it will surely increase the weight of the ladder. That does not happen, courtesy the aluminum material used in making it. Its MWC is 300 pounds, and you will also find a tray at the top. On this tray, you can keep your supplies, such as tools and small paints cans. Other than that, its rungs are also wide enough to never have any kind of foot fatigue while you are working.


  • The height of this step ladder is exceptionally high. 
  • The platform after the third step can be used to place your supplies. 
  • The handle on the platform can be pulled to open and close the ladder quickly. 
  • As you open the ladder, you will hear a sound that will ensure that the product is safe to step on.


  • It won’t be easy to carry a step ladder for shorter people.

#5. Luisladders Anti-Slip Folding 2-Step LadderLuisladders Anti-Slip Folding 2-Step Ladder

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With a powder-coated construction made using iron material, this step ladder is going to last many years as you purchase it. Small cleaning tasks can quickly be done using it. When it comes to cleaning, there will always be some hard-to-reach places at your home. Most people also find it difficult to clean the top of their cars because either they are short or their car has a roof that they cannot easily reach. For such cases, this step ladder will turn out to be a fantastic aid. It has two steps on it where it can deal with a maximum weight of 330 pounds, which is equivalent to 150 kg. 

As it comes in a black and orange design, it will be easy to spot from other stored things near it. With an exceptionally portable and lightweight design, this step ladder is here to win your hearts. Additionally, when the pedals of a ladder are not that wide, you will start noticing and feeling discomfort in your feet. But with the wide pedal of this step ladder, you will feel as if you are standing on the regular floor. That is how functional and useful they are. For advanced safety, the product also has safety locks on it.


  • The bright color of this step ladder makes the product easy to spot. 
  • Its pedals are all extra wide for added comfort. 
  • You will also find anti-slip rubber feet on the design of this ladder. 
  • Its pedal is made using PE material.


  • Some people do not like the bright orange color of the product.

#6. Cosco Signature Two-Step Step LadderCosco Signature Two-Step Step Ladder

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Cosco is famous and well known for manufacturing an array of tools. Most of the consumers of their products in the country love Cosco a lot as they offer supreme durability and functionality. Today, let us discuss their step ladder. With this ladder, you will be able to finish many small tasks around the house. You can also reach various electrical settings and outlets with it if you are a person with a short height. This way, you won’t have to call for a professional again and again and waste a considerable sum of money in the process.  

Many people have tried this step ladder for its height assistance. They have claimed how fantastic it is to complete and do all the tasks that do not require you to reach a huge height around the house. The rear leg support of the product is highly stable, and you will be able to use the ladder better with its aid. The step that you will find on it is extra-large, and you are not going to fall from it as its surface is highly slip-resistant. You only have to make sure that you do not step on it with wet feet.


  • The handle of this step tool is straightforward to hold.
  • The material used in making the product’s frame is mainly Aluminum.
  • You can also use this step stool to decorate your Christmas trees. 
  • If you do not like the two-step design, you can also go for this step tool’s three-step variant.


  • The lower step of the product must be made more stable and secure.

#7. XinSunho 2-Step Step LadderXinSunho 2-Step Step Ladder

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This is one of the sleekest and good looking step ladders with a smooth design that we have come along till now. Most people use it in their kitchen to reach the cabinets and shelves that are fixed high up. This is the reason why a lot of thought has been put into the design of the product. If the design of your kitchen step ladder does not mix and blend with the kitchen design, you will indeed have a hard time. After you use the ladder, you will have to place it away and then bring it back to reach those heightened cabinets. 

Honestly, who wants that? To avoid those things, you should surely invest in a step stool that would instead suit the design. This way, you will be able to store it then and there. If you want to have one such good looking step ladder, you can try putting your money on this 2-Step ladder by XinSunho. Besides having a sleek design, it also has a high weight capacity known to be rated at a maximum of 330 pounds. It also has environmental protection, which is why its material will not have any effect of sunlight or water on it.


  • The overall black design of this step tool looks exquisite. 
  • Both the steps on it come with a wide pedal.
  • It will suit well with modern kitchen designs. 
  • It also has GS and TUV certificates. 


  • This is not a great step stool for outdoor usage.

#8. KINGSO 3 Step Ladder with Anti-Slip Hand GripKINGSO 3 Step Ladder with Anti-Slip Hand Grip

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When everything is about the KINGSO step ladder, nothing can go wrong. Its steps are made using steel material. As you may know, steel does not rust if you maintain it properly. Rust can jeopardize the strength of a ladder. But since this ladder avoids it well, you will not have problems like that. A strong step ladder will make you feel more secure as you step on it. Most people have a phobia on individual step ladders as such tools have made them fall and get injured. This step ladder is never going to create scenes like that at all.

It can easily support up to 330 pounds of weight, so you do not need to worry if you weight in the range below it. Most people use it indoors, but you can also try incorporating its use for outdoor purposes. The net weight of the step ladder is only 12 pounds. No matter where you are, you will be able to port it quite easily. You can choose to put it in cabinets, garage, or even in a closet courtesy of its foldable nature for storage. You will also receive an easy to claim guarantee with it, which will make the deal even better for you.


  • You can choose this step ladder from two variants that have different MWC, aka maximum weight capacity.
  • Contacting KINGSO is very easy. 
  • The stability of this step ladder is impressive. 
  • Its steps are made using steel material.


  • The length of the pedals must be increased.

#9. CharaHOME Three-Step LadderCharaHOME Three-Step Ladder

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If you do not wish to buy the three-step version of this step ladder, you can also go with the four-step version. It remains in massive demand from customers in America. Most people use it for engineering and building purposes also. From that, you can surely deduce its durability and reliability. Additionally, you can even use it as a chair when you are working. This way, you will feel less tired and work better while you finish your task.

One more thing that we like about this ladder is that it also has armrests. Comfort can undoubtedly be seen as something that the manufacturers kept in mind while making it. One more mind-blowing feature of this step ladder is its weight capacity, which is known to be at a maximum of 500 pounds. Apart from such outstanding features, you will also get a tool bag in the deal. In this bag, you can easily keep your construction tools and supplies like screwdrivers, nuts, and bolts, etc.


  • You can also sit and work on this step ladder. 
  • It has arm pads on its design to offer an even better and high-level comfort.
  • Its frame has joints that are welded well precisely. 
  • The rubber feet on the ladder will never harm the floor. 


  • This step ladder height does not make it desirable and preferable to be used in the kitchen.

#10. Best Choice Products Step LadderBest Choice Products Step Ladder

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We wanted to finish off our list of best step ladders by mentioning the ladder’s details that we love the most. The spot we gave to the ladders on this list does not matter as they are all entirely qualitative. We were also impressed by them all equally. This step ladder is from Best Choice Products. Unlike other ladders, this step ladder comes with four steps in its design. If you have home projects or your home is undergoing construction, this ladder will help finish details like putting the paint and lighting on the walls.

It will also help you paint the outdoor and exterior of your home very well. Imagine all the money that you will save once you take the job at your hands. It comes in a steel frame design that is crafted so well that you won’t find any rough spots on it. It can be folded all the time smoothly. Saving space is exceptionally necessary these days as the shortage of space exists in every house. The overall dimensions of this step ladder are – 34 X 18 X 50 inches. Moreover, it can withstand the bodyweight up to 330 pounds easily. 


  • Folding and storing this step ladder is very easy. 
  • Its steps are very sturdy and reliable.
  • The four steps can be used to reach the right height.
  • For home projects, this is the best step ladder that you can come across.


  • The pedal distance must be increased a little.

How To Choose The Best Step Ladder

These are the five things that you should consider before you buy a step ladder for usage – 

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity or MWC of a ladder is what will tell whether the ladder of your choice will be able to withstand your weight or not. Mostly you will find step ladders with an MWC of 300 pounds. However, this is a general value and may increase or decrease with respect to the ladder’s manufacturer and material type. The more the MWC of the step ladder, the better. This is because sometime you will also be carrying other things such as tools and paint tubs as you hop on the ladder.

The material of the frame

The material of the step ladder also matters a lot. These days you are going to find many step ladders that have a frame manufactured using steel. Steel is known to have immense tensile strength. It lasts for a very long time and does not develop rust on it easily. Other than that, there are also numerous options for step ladders that are made using Aluminum. The most notable benefit of aluminum material is that other than being durable, it is also lightweight. This eventually makes the step ladder lightweight for comfortable and better portability.

Size of the step pedals

If the size of your step ladder’s pedals is not enough, you will feel discomfort in your feet. Therefore the step ladder of your choice must have pedals that are wide enough. Other than width, you should also think about the length of these pedals. This is because if that aspect is not enough, it will only make you incapable of standing on the ladder with both of your feet. Standing safely and comfortably on the step ladder will allow you to finish your task in a much better way.

Height of the Ladder and Material of the pedals

You should also try to keep the height of the ladder in your mind. Other than that, one can also see the number of steps that are available on it. People generally use step ladders with two steps in their kitchen. Those ladders help them reach their kitchen cabinets easily. Step ladders with three steps are typically used to finish electrical and construction jobs. Sometimes the material of the pedals is different from the material of the ladder’s frame. So, keep a look at that also as the ladder’s strength does not just depend on the strength of the frame. The pedal material also plays a huge role. 

Price of the Step Ladder

Price is one of the aspects of the step ladder that many people are going to consider. But for those of you who did not think of it, we just want to say that you surely must. The price of these ladders varies a lot. It depends on many factors, but you should always think of choosing something that will last long and yet won’t harm your savings and budget. We have added a lot of economic and budget-friendly step ladders on our list so you can try taking a deep look at all of them if you wish to.

Step Ladder Using Mistakes To Avoid

Ladders are extremely useful when trying to gain access to a difficult-to-reach place, but they can be extremely dangerous if used incorrectly.

Be cautious when climbing a ladder and avoid engaging in the following 10 potentially dangerous behaviors:

  • Do not make use of a ladder that would seem to be in poor condition. Before you climb up the ladder, take a quick check to ensure that it is in proper working order.
  • Keep your ladder from leaning up against a window or down a gutter. In addition, some other surfaces that may not be capable of supporting the ladder should be avoided.
  • Don’t reach too far or lean too far to one side. Instead, just get off the ladder and rearrange it to your liking.
  • Don’t go any higher than you absolutely have to. In the event you’re working on the ladder’s highest rungs, you may require a longer ladder.
  • Don’t lift anything that is too high up the ladder. According to the Health and Safety Executive, only “light tools and equipment” should be carried. 
  • Make sure you don’t exceed the weight limit of the ladder. If your size would cause the ladder to become overloaded, consider using a ladder that comes with a significantly higher load limit.
  • When you’re standing on the ladder, don’t try and move or extend it in any way. Make your way down the ladder so that you can safely make the necessary adjustments.
  • Don’t put your foot on the ladder. If you need to secure your ladder, you should tie it down if at all possible, or wedge it in if that is not an option. ‘Bearing capacity’ a ladder should only be considered as a last resort in extreme circumstances.
  • If at all possible, avoid working side by side. If at all possible, you should position the ladder so that it can help to face your work rather than turning sideways while climbing it.
  • Don’t rush things. When climbing or sliding down a ladder, exercise caution and take your order to prevent injury. When you are hurrying up or down the ladder, you increase your chances of being injured.

When you’re using a ladder that’s seen better days, in the same vein as number one, to use a ladder has a possibility of breakage is among the most dangerous, yet preventable, causes of personal injury. When the ladder is more than a decade old and in poor condition, please refrain from using it. 

Step Ladder Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ideal height of the step ladder?

    The ideal height of the step ladder depends on your needs. You need to understand all tasks you would be performing with the help of the step ladders. Moreover, you would also need to look at the height of cabinets and other such things to get a fair idea of the step ladder’s size. In most cases, a ladder with 2 or 3 steps is enough to increase your reach by a few feet, and this much height enables you to perform the tasks efficiently. So, understand the purpose behind the purchase and select the size accordingly.

  • Can I stand on the top step or the platform of the ladder?

    As per most of the manufacturers, you must avoid using the top platform of the step ladder. It is only safe to use the top platform if the manufacturer has stated it that way. Otherwise, we would recommend you to avoid using the platform. Talking about the top step, you can use the top step of the step ladder since it would have three steps. In such a case, the height is not too much, and you can stay balanced easily while you are on the top step of the step ladder. You should only use the platform to place tools or other objects.

  • Can I buy a fiberglass step ladder?

    You might be surprised to know that fiberglass has a higher tensile strength when compared with aluminum. The aluminum is certainly more resistant to weather, but if you are using the ladder in a covered & dry place, then the fiberglass ladder would be better. Another advantage of the fiberglass ladder is that it is made of non-conductive material. In such a case, the step ladder made of fiberglass would help you avoid electric shock even if you come in contact with a live wire.

  • What all things can I use the step ladder for?

    You can use the step ladder for a lot of things. You can use the step ladder to reach the top shelves in the kitchen or the storage area. Using a step ladder here would not only improve the reach, but it will allow you to keep things in a more organized manner. Apart from this, You can use the step ladder for decoration as well. An example here is using the step ladder to decorate the Christmas tree. You can also use the step ladder to carry out small maintenance activities. For instance, you will be able to change light panels, bulbs and repair fans with the step ladder’s help.

  • How heavy is the step ladder?

    The step ladders are usually lightweight, but it also depends on the material used in manufacturing those step ladders. If you are buying fiberglass or an aluminum ladder, it would weigh just a few pounds, and you will even be able to lift them with a single hand. If the step ladder is made of steel, then it will be heavy and expensive. If you are looking for a lightweight ladder, the aluminum models would be the right choice. In addition to this, the aluminum ladder would also be very sturdy & durable.


While you can quickly get a good step ladder locally, you should know that the price will be comparatively higher. This is why we ask our readers to shop for these ladders online. If it is from a reputed seller and distributed by a well-known brand, it will surely be excellent. However, if you are having problems regarding that, you can always choose to go to several websites that define many options for you. In turn, you can also check our work as we work hard to review each step ladder personally. You will undoubtedly like at least the step ladder that we put forward for you.