10 Best Telescopic Ladders 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

One of the most essential yet ignored tools in carpentry is the ladder. People do not realize the importance of the right ladder until they face an issue. Many people even make ladders with scrap wood, which often leads to a workplace accident. The good news is that there are many good quality ladders available on the market. The modern ladders are available at an affordable price, yet they are safe and ergonomic. All the accidents related to the ladder can be avoided by investing in a reliable ladder. One of the most popular types of ladder is the telescopic ladder. These ladders are based on a collapsible design, which makes them very portable.  

You can quickly solve the problem with the ladder’s logistics by investing money in the telescopic ladder. These ladders are usually made of Aluminum, and hence the height is also very low. The height of the ladder can easily be adjusted. All these factors make them a multi-purpose ladder. You can also invest in a reliable telescopic ladder that will help you in getting more precision while performing any task. You can even use these ladders for completing household chores like replacing the Ceiling Light or any other similar job. Investing in the telescopic ladder will ensure that you do not have to buy different types of ladders.

Best Buy Telescopic Ladder Reviews For 2021

If you plan to buy a telescopic ladder, you will be happy to know that you can use it for domestic use and industrial use. All the telescopic ladders can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Ladders from different brands have different specifications and features. In this article, we have reviewed the top 10 best telescopic ladders available on the market. You can check out the reviews of these ladders, and you will understand which one suits your needs. So, go ahead and check out what we have in store for you.

#1. Luisladders 10.5ft Telescoping LadderLuisladders 10.5ft Telescoping Ladder

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The first telescopic ladder on our list is from Luisladders. It is one of the safest and reliable telescopic ladders you will find in the market. The height of this model is 10.5 feet, and it can handle a weight of 330 pounds. It is also available in 12.5 feet model and 15.5 feet model. Each section of the ladder can be opened and close independently. This feature ensures that your fingers do not get trapped between the sections. The ladder also has non-slip caps at the end, which adds stability to the ladder. The handles also have an adequate grip.

The ladder can be used for maintenance activities, construction work, cleaning windows, painting walls, and decorations. Each section has a gap of 1 foot, and it is comfortable to climb the height. The ladder also has a lock mechanism that makes it easy for you to extend the height.  The ladder comes with heavy duty straps so that you can fasten up the ladder. This feature enables you to store the ladder comfortably. Luisladders uses an aluminum alloy to manufacture the ladder. The material is highly resistant to corrosion. Overall, it is one of the most reliable telescopic ladder available in the market.


  • The brand offers a warranty on the telescopic ladder.
  • The model is available in 10.5 feet, 12.5 feet, and 15.5 feet.
  • The model is very safe, and it is very easy to use.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#2. WolfWise 8.5FT Newly Aluminum Telescopic LadderWolfWise 8.5FT Newly Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

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Many people need an 8.5 feet telescopic ladder. If you are also looking for a medium height ladder, then this ladder can be a reliable purchase for you. This telescopic ladder is available from WolfWise, and it has a lot of features integrated into it. The sections have a shatter-resistant built, and the footboard has been strengthened to deal with the load. The bottom has anti-slip caps, and the handle has a good grip as well. The maximum weight capacity of this ladder is 330 pounds, and it is also made of Aluminum. Overlaps have been strengthened with the help of additional length. It also adds to the stability of the ladder.

The ladder’s total weight is 6.7 Kg, and the ladder can be compacted in a size of 31.5 inches. After retracting the ladder, you can store it very easily. Each section has a separate lock that can be disengaged to retract the ladder. It is also possible to adjust the height of the ladder to a height shorter than 8.5 feet. During the retraction, the ladder closes very slowly. This feature is made possible because of the air damper technology.


  • It features air damper technology that reduces the speed of retraction and hence reduces the risk of injury.
  • The ladder has a weight capacity of 330 pounds.
  • It is quite an affordable option as it is priced at less than $100.


  • We couldn’t find any weaknesses associated with this ladder.

#3. Xtend & Climb CS125300BK Contractor Series 12.5ft LadderXtend & Climb CS125300BK Contractor Series 12.5ft Ladder

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At number 3, we have an option from Xtend & Climb Store. This telescopic ladder is of excellent quality, and it is also designed for professional use. This particular model belongs to the contractor series, and it can be extended to a maximum height of 12.5 feet. The ladder is black, and this color makes it look amazing. The brand also uses aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, which not only gives the strength, but it also keeps the weight low. The ladder features double over-molded feet that improve the traction and durability of the feet.

The carrying handle has been integrated into the ladder, and it also comes with a heavy duty closure strap. The strap ensures that the ladder can be carried and stored without any problem. The brand even got the ladder certified for ANSI/OSHA rating. It is one of the sturdiest telescopic ladder available in the market. The brand even offers a five-year warranty from the date of purchase. For more information, you can check out the product link associated with the listing.


  • The ladder is available in multiple colors, which include Black, yellow, Green, and Blue.
  • This model is made of airplane grade aluminum alloy.
  • The weight of the ladder is 34 pounds, and it can handle 300 pounds of load.


  • This model is quite an expensive option available in the market.

#4. Bowoshen10.5 FT Aluminium Telescoping LadderBowoshen10.5 FT Aluminium Telescoping Ladder

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Here is yet another 10.5 feet telescopic ladder on our list. This model is also available in 12.5 and 16.5 feet options. If you retract the 10.5 feet version, you will be able to get 2.6 feet. This way, it will be very easy to store the ladder. The width of the ladder is 1.54 feet, and it gives you enough space to climb comfortably. The ladder’s feet have anti-slip caps, which offers you a higher grip even on tiles and granite. The storage straps are very strong, and they have a Velcro closure system that makes it very convenient to use.

The height locking latches are made of industrial-grade material, and the ladder adheres to EN131 Safety Standards. The ladder’s maximum load capacity is 330 pounds, and it can be used for commercial and residential purposes. The ladder is handy when it comes to maintenance & construction activities. You can check out this collapsible ladder, and you will find it very sturdy. You will be able to use it for the years to come.


  • The brand offers a two-year warranty on this telescopic ladder.
  • The ladder is very safe, and the straps have Velcro.
  • The ladder has anodized aluminum finish, and it is also very easy to clean.


  • The steps close at full force, and there is no damper.

#5. TOOLITIN Telescoping Ladder Aluminum Telescopic Extension LadderTOOLITIN Telescoping Ladder Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

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If you are looking for a portable ladder that can be carried easily, then you can even check out this option from Toolitin. This ladder is available in 8.5 feet height, and you also have an opportunity to choose between 10.5 feet, 12.5 feet, and 15.5 feet design. This listing is about the 8.5 feet model, and it has a load capacity of 330 pounds. The ladder can even be carried in your RV. The base has a comfortable carrying handle, and the rungs have been strengthened further to take a lot of loads. The storage strap is made of thick material, and it lasts very long.  

The non-slip end caps are very reliable, and it adds stability to the ladder. The brand uses Aluminum to make the ladder, and the ladder’s total weight is 15.4 Kg. The dimensions after the retraction are just 31.5 inches. This ladder also uses air damping to reduce the speed of retraction. This feature provides safety to your fingers. The pedals are skid-proof, and they ensure that you do not slip. You can even carry this ladder around with just one hand.


  • The ladder is easy to use, and it uses air damping technology to slow down the retraction.
  • This ladder is very stable, and it can be used indoor as well as outdoor.
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#6. Lionladder 12.5FT EN131-6 Telescoping LadderLionladder 12.5FT EN131-6 Telescoping Ladder

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At number 6, we have a model from Lionladder, and it is a truly revolutionary design. This model features a dedicated foot stabilizer that can be rotated 360 degrees. These rubberized feet give you enough stability to deal with strong vibrations. The brand is known for its safety features, and hence, another safety feature integrated into this ladder is the push-pull switch that ensures your fingers’ safety. The aluminum pipes are seamless, and they add sturdiness to the ladder. The top has rubber support that gives you a better grip. The material on the top is PVC, and hence it doesn’t scratch the walls.

Other features of this telescopic ladder also include anti-skid handles are also a blessing. The locking mechanism of the ladder is very sturdy, and it ensures better durability as well. The sides have a locking indicator that enables you to verify the status and securely use this telescopic ladder.


  • This ladder comes with a push switch for retracting the ladder, and design has an anti-finger pinch feature.
  • The ladder has stabilizer bars at the bottom, and it also has rubber tops.
  • The lock indicatory gives you an idea of the long engagement.


  • This model is slightly expensive than others on the list.

#7. Lionladder EN131-6 Telescoping Ladder 12.5 FeetLionladder EN131-6 Telescoping Ladder 12.5 Feet

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We have another option available from Lionladder. This model has a maximum height of 12.5 feet, and the ladder has 12 rungs. This telescopic ladder can handle a weight of 330 pounds. It is relatively easy to carry this ladder as it weighs just 29.9 pounds. The retraction switch of this ladder has been tested 8000 times, and the switch worked perfectly. The model also uses a slow descending system that increases the speed of retraction. The main pipes and steps are designed with Aluminum, but some parts are made of plastic. The plastic parts have been reinforced with nylon fiber.

This model also has an anti-skid stabilizer, giving you more confidence while climbing the ladder. Each ladder also goes through 5 point inspection to ensure that adherence to high quality standards. You can transport this ladder in your SUV, Car, Pickup truck, and RV. It is undoubtedly a ladder that every homeowner must have. For more information about the ladder, you can visit the Amazon Page associated with this listing.


  • The ladder can handle the weight of up to 330 pounds.
  • It has unique stabilizer feet that give you a better grip.
  • The single button retraction makes it easy to store.


  • You can get better deals on other options available in the market.

#8. Good Life 15.5FT EN131 Professional Aluminum Telescoping LadderGood Life 15.5FT EN131 Professional Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

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At number 8, we have a telescopic ladder from Good Life. This ladder has a maximum height of 15.5 feet, and it has a very heavy duty construction. You can use the ladder in residential settings as well as in a commercial setting. Construction works can even use the telescopic ladder. This ladder extends in the increment of 1 foot. The height of the ladder after folding it is just 36.5 inches. Apart from this, the telescopic ladder has a load capacity of 330 pounds. The material used for manufacturing this ladder is 6061 aluminum alloy. This type of Aluminum is also used in the aerospace industry. 

The ladder has strong straps, and it also has a carrying handle. The thickness of the Aluminum used in manufacturing this ladder is 1.3 mm. Apart from this, the distance between the two rungs is 14 inches. This ladder is easy to store, and it also has EN131 certification. The closure system comes with an anti-pinch feature. The feet of the ladder also has a non-slip grip that offers higher stability as well.


  • The ladder has a height of 15.5 feet, and it has a load capacity of 330 pounds.
  • The ladder is EN131 certified, and it is made of aluminum alloy.
  • It also features a spring loaded locking mechanism.


  • There are no cons associated with this telescopic ladder.

#9. Cartey 12.5ft 3.8m Telescopic Extension Step LadderCartey 12.5ft 3.8m Telescopic Extension Step Ladder

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The next model available on our list is from Cartey. It has a maximum height of 12.5 feet, and the model features a well-tested design. Unlocking this telescopic ladder is easy, and you save a lot of effort while expanding it. You can quickly retract it with the help of the switch available on the ladder. The steps also have a locking indicator that would give you an idea of proper latching. Rungs have friction profiles so that you do not slip even with wet footwear.  The bottom of the telescopic ladder has an anti-skid stabilizer. The same stabilizer has also been added on the top part of the ladder. This top part is made of soft grip, which doesn’t scratch the wall.

All the plastic parts have been reinforced with nylon fiber. This type of reinforcement also enhances the load capacity, and it extends the life of the telescopic ladder. Many professionals also use this ladder, and with a load capacity of 330 pounds, it solves almost every purpose. Overall, you will love the step ladder, and we assure you that you will not face any quality issues.


  • This ladder is available at a very affordable price.
  • The height of the ladder is 12.5 feet, and it comes with anti-skid stabilizer bars as well.
  • The ladder is safe to use, and it is made with high-grade Aluminum.


  • Nothing as such.

#10. Handvoll Telescoping Ladder 15.5ft Aluminum Extension Folding LadderHandvoll Telescoping Ladder 15.5ft Aluminum Extension Folding Ladder

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We have reached the end of the list, and here is the last model we will talk about. This telescopic ladder is from Handvoll, and it is available in a mid-price range. The height of this ladder is 15.5 feet, and it uses large aluminum tubes for higher durability. The diameter of the tubes is 32mm, and they are made of alloys. The weight supported by this ladder is 330 pounds. Plastic parts have been reinforced with nylon, and this improves the life of the ladder. These plastic parts also ensure that the material doesn’t creak while you are using the ladder.

The maximum inclination angle supported is 75 degrees, and this is usually enough for all types of tasks. The four anti-slip feet at the bottom adds more stability to the telescopic ladder. It is the only ladder on our list that comes with the hooks.


  • The ladder is EN131 certified, and it can handle a weight of 330 pounds.
  • The top part of the ladder has hooks that add stability to the telescopic ladder.
  • Making adjustments to the height of the ladder is very quick.


  • Some users complained about the stability of the ladder.

How To Choose The Best Telescopic Ladder

You need to be careful while buying the telescopic ladder. You need to ensure that the quality is top-notch and that the specifications are as per your needs. Without these two things, the ladder might end up being useless. We have listed all the points that you would need to consider before buying a telescopic ladder. So, you can go ahead and check out the detailed points below. 

Height of Ladder

The height is the most critical aspect of the purchase. You need to ensure that the ladder’s height is enough to let you reach the ceiling or the roof. You must check the total height of the ladder and also check the distance between the two steps. Ensure that the ladder can reach at least 10 to 12 feet. The telescopic ladder can be expanded to different heights, so you get a lot of flexibility in that case.

Width of Step

While it is essential to check the ladder’s height, it is also important to ensure that the ladder steps are wide enough to allow you to work comfortably. You should not slip while climbing, and you should not feel any space constraints. Buy the ladder that as a minimum width of 1.25 feet to 1.5 feet.

Weight Capacity

Each ladder comes with weight capacity. Now, many people assume that they should check the weight rating as per their weight, but you also need to factor the weight of the tools you will be carrying. You need to factor the weight of anything that you will be lifting. You can even look for an ANSI rating. The strongest ones are the IAA ladder, and they can easily withstand the weight of up to 375 pounds.

Material Used

The material will always be an essential aspect when you are buying a ladder. It will not only define the ladder’s durability, but it will also determine the weight of the ladder. Now, the fact is that most of the telescopic ladders are designed with Aluminum. You may find steel ladders as well, but do not buy those. You must also purchase the ladders that are made of Aluminum. The downside of using an aluminum ladder is that it will not protect you from the shock. In such a case, you might want to insulate ladders’ feet, or you may want to buy a fiberglass ladder.


The main motive behind buying the telescopic ladder is that it can be retracted. So, it becomes crucial to check the retraction mechanism that is available on the ladder. Ensure that the ladder features a single button retraction feature. The feature will reduce the time taken to fold the ladder back. The feature is beneficial, and it would be even better to buy a telescopic ladder that comes with a soft retraction feature.


Usually, the telescopic ladders are highly portable, but it still makes sense to check the ladder’s dimensions after folding it. It will give you an idea if you can carry it in your pickup truck or not. You will also get an idea about the storage space required to store the ladder. It will help you in ensuring that the ladder doesn’t require a lot of space.


Set a budget before buying a telescopic ladder but do not purchase a low-quality ladder to restrict yourself to the given budget. Most of the excellent quality models will be available within the range of $100 to $200. You may even find models ranging around $300. You need to decide the budget, and you need to understand the trade-off associated with the models.

Anti-Pinch Ladder

Another add-on feature that you must look for is the anti-pinch ladder. This feature will pervert you from jamming your finger while collapsing the ladder. It will undoubtedly save you from any injury that can even crush your bones. The collapsible ladders usually collapse at a very high speed, so buying something with this safety feature will surely save you from getting hurt.

Telescopic Ladder Using Mistakes To Avoid

Well, the above-mentioned points help in reviewing a telescopic ladder perfectly, but there are some mistakes that people commit while using this type of ladder.

However, there are few things that you should keep in mind while using a telescopic ladder so that you can be on a safer side.

  • Before climbing the ladder, familiarise yourself with the safety features and double-check that all bolting mechanisms are engaged properly before proceeding.
  • Avoid using the ladder if you are having any concerns about the safety systems or any other characteristics of the ladder – otherwise, you run the risk of causing a serious accident.
  • Pulling ringed lockable levels with other gears while using a ladder, for example, is prohibited. Its demise is possible as a result of this action.
  • It is also necessary to set up your telescopic ladder in a safe manner before beginning your job. Inspect the flooring to ensure it is free of debris. Do not put a box or any other object underneath a ladder in an attempt to gain additional height.
  • It is possible to maintain the safety features of your ladder while also ensuring that it continues to perform efficiently year after year by treating it with care.
  • If the tubes are destroyed and shattered in any way, the ladder may be difficult to open, dangerous to operate on, in the worst case scenario, it may completely fail to work.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of your ladder is also important. After each use, wipe the tubes down with a tidy, dry cloth. Immediately clean up any paint that has been spilled because it can cause telescoping to become difficult.

Establishing your telescopic ladder can be accomplished by following a set of simple steps.

When trying to extend the telescopic ladder, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Release the strap that is holding the ladder in its retracted position if necessary.
  • Place the ladder in such a standing posture so that it is ready to use when you need it.
  • As you approach the bottom rung, step on it to secure the ladder.
  • Utilizing both of your hands, remove the connector from the top rung.
  • Extend each rung to its maximum extension and check that the lock is in place before attempting to broaden the next rung.
  • It is necessary to repeat this process several times to reach the desired elevation.
  • Make sure you don’t step on the very top rung!

Follow these steps and use your telescopic ladder safely.

Telescopic Ladder Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to extend the telescopic ladder fully?

    No, there is no need to extend the telescopic ladder completely. You can extend the telescopic ladder partially. Since each rung gets individually locked, you do not have to worry about extending the telescopic ladder to work. There are no safety concerns when you are not extending the ladder completely, and all these things make it very versatile to use the telescopic ladder. You can go ahead and extend the ladder as much as you need, and there is no difference in the stability of the ladder. So using the telescopic ladder without fully extending is perfectly fine.

  • What is the tallest telescopic ladder available in the market?

    The longest telescopic ladder that we came across is 8.2 meters. This ladder is quite bulky, and it is mainly because of the length of the ladder. Since the length is long, the ladder has a broader base. If you need a long ladder, our recommendation would be to avoid the telescopic ladder instead of using an extension ladder. You might find it challenging to carry the 8.2-meter long ladder, so plan your purchase accordingly. While using the long telescopic ladder, ensure that it is stable and that your safety is not compromised.

  • What can I use the telescopic ladder for?

    Telescopic ladders are very compact, and they can easily be kept in small places. In such a case, the design of the telescopic ladder improves the utility by a huge magnitude. You can use the ladder almost everywhere in the house as You can fold it into a small 27 inches module after you fold it. You can use the ladder in the bathroom, garage, kitchen, and anywhere you need. Since you do not have to extend the ladder fully, you get a lot of versatility. You can even keep the telescopic ladder in your car or your motorhome.

  • How can I lubricate my telescopic ladder?

    If the opening and the closing action of the telescopic ladder is not smooth, you need to lubricate it. You would need to use a try silicone-based lubricant for the task. Ensure that you are first using the dry cloth to clean the rungs and clean the channel where the rung is extended.  Now, after extending the ladder, apply the silicone-based lubricants. If you have a jammed rung, you need to apply the lubricant and leave it for a few minutes before you try and extend the ladder again. Do not use grease or oil to lubricate the telescopic ladder.

  • What is the right way to clean the telescopic ladder?

    There are times when the telescopic leader needs to get cleaned. In such a case, you would need to use vinegar or an aluminum cleaner. Pour the liquid on a soft cloth and rub it along with the surface of your ladder. In the next 5 to 10 minutes, the acid in the liquid will remove the oxidization away from the ladder. Once you start noticing this reaction, you can wipe the cleaning liquid with a dry cloth. Do not leave the cleaning liquid for more than 15 minutes, and you must also lubricate the rungs again after cleaning the ladder.

Final Verdict

The primary mechanism of the telescopic ladders is straightforward. It consists of inter-fitted tubes that lock each other while you are expanding the ladder. Each section makes a single rung. When you need to fold the ladder back, you need to press a button that will disengage the lock and fold the ladder. Since the working mechanism is simple, the chances of facing any issue are minimal. You can look for the professional models that come with a lightweight design. The model should be easy to use, and it should not be slippery. The ladder should be able to make firm contact with the ground. It is also beneficial to buy something that comes with the anti-pinch design.

The ladder will surely help you in achieving a certain degree of neatness in your work. Also, the ladder will save you from any accident that may occur because of the makeshift ladder. So, you can go over the reviews and the buying guides to decide which model you must buy. Do not hesitate to spend a little extra if you are getting something better. Do let us know in the comment section about which ladder did you purchase. Thank You.