Different Types of Ladders: Their Uses and Benefits

Even though you’ve been using ladders on construction sites for several purposes, using the appropriate type of ladder is essential. It is not about safety reasons, but there are some specific laws defined by the states for the protection of other workers. Using the wrong type of ladder puts risk to other’s lives in the hour of slip or fall. Responsibility is the primary reason which defines that ladder-type matter a lot.

Apart from the laws, there are some certain benefits that you avail when you choose the right equipment or tool. The same goes for ladders here, and finding the perfect ladder is imperative. When working on platforms, scaffolding, or large towers, you should prevail in the best care and lower risk with adequate type. Here is the list of widely used ladders for construction work and DIYs that you can choose –

Types of Ladders

Step Ladders

Step Ladder

One of the most popular types that are available in the market for a long time is the step ladder. These ladders have a short length of 9 meters that provide convenience while working in a room or in any specific area of the house. These are widely used for safety, and if you are working on drilling holes, changing light bulbs, or working on the ceiling, these ladders are efficient. The self-supporting design makes it impressive to use for several purposes, and these are pretty easy to store. It mainly has two sets of rungs with steps with even space between each other. There is a top cap that connects the two rods.

Extension Ladders

These types of ladders are widely popular for construction work, and you can find these reliable for several types of jobs. The extension ladders are easy to extend as per the requirement, which seems handy when working on the roof. You can expect a great advantage of compact size and easier storage, that’s why you can prefer it. When it comes to go for repair work on the roof, these ladders are pretty impressive and intact to prefer. There are plenty of size options that you can choose. The flexibility to extend the size makes it a credible choice for multipurpose use. 

Multipurpose Ladders

The features of step ladders and extension ladders are combined at one place to create multipurpose ladders. As the name suggests, you can consider it for a range of works, which enhances the overall versatility during the long run. These ladders can stand as scaffolding, providing way more convenience during the use. For the DIY handyman, these ladders are perfect and fulfill the need in an effective manner. You have to place multipurpose ladders to something stable. However, self-stability is the key thing that you are going to love about this particular type. While choosing these ladders, you can look for size and type of material to expect a quality option. 

Articulated Ladders

In the section of portable ladders, Articulated ladders are quite popular and loved for flexibility. There are a number of points where you can bend this ladder and change the direction. It can change and be made to fit in place as per the need. These have small panels, and you can expect a great use with these ladders at the construction site. They definitely have a limited height range, but there are limited reasons to use these ladders. The overall advantage comes from its portability and flexibility to change direction as per the need.

Step Stool

Step stool ladders are mainly designed to help you reach places with a little height. You can use step stools in the kitchen, washroom, to change light bulbs, and much more. The convenience is extremely impressive and seems practical. If you want to climb to any heightened place, then step stool works perfectly. There are plenty of size options also available in the step stool. Once you have used the stool ladder, you can fold it and store it at a safe place without any problem. The overriding advantages of cost and convenience ensure the best use over other options.

Attic Ladder

Attic Ladder

You can find attic ladders for attic area which are attached to the doors and usually have a pull-down rope. These ladders articulate around the hinges so that it becomes easy to reach the floor. They are also providing a quick time solution to reach another area of the house and consuming less space. There are plenty of features that you can expect with a permanent model as well as other ones. The quick features are quite impressive, and you can get pretty good use over time. The overall functionality makes them better to consider a solution for your basic needs.

Platform Ladder

After combining the convenience from a step ladder with a place to stand ladder, you can get platform ladders. If you want to work in an area for an extended period of time, platform ladders can serve the best need. There are sizes available for the specific requirement, and these are pretty solid. The only downside is the slightly heavier weight, which doesn’t seem completely bad at all because platform ladders are made for a limited height use. These are pretty compact as you can fold into a slim ladder. The convenience rate enhances with the better build quality models in the platform ladders.


The use of a ladder is all about reaching heights that are not possible on your own. Using the normal stool, table, or drums might help, but they can’t provide the convenience of a ladder. In such cases, choosing the right type of ladder seems adequate and a lot more remarkable choice. Working on a construction site requires the proper use of a ladder, and if you want to work flawlessly, then choose the right type based on your need. All these types have their unique properties that significantly help during the construction work. The mobility is a major reason to get a ladder, and we hope that these seven types of construction ladders will let you learn a little more about the variety.