How to Use a Ladder on the Stairs Properly? 

In your day to day life, you may need to use a ladder on stairs for some work. The purpose of using a ladder on stairs may be different for different people, but you need to use it safely to ensure there is no fall or injury. First of all, you might be thinking about how you can use a ladder on the stairs. For using a ladder on stairs, many ways are there, but you need to choose the safest one for you.  

Before talking about the solutions for using a ladder on the stairs, let’s identify some circumstances where you need to use a ladder on the stairs. Some examples of those situations are painting, changing a light bulb above the stairs, installing a new light, hanging a photo frame, repairing the ceiling, etc. All these situations are common in every home, and every household can meet this in their daily life. But these situations can be challenging for people who never had such an experience. 

In general, some people use the paint can, concrete block, or any other item to support the leg of the ladder while working. It is very dangerous and sometimes can cause death also. Therefore, finding a safe solution to use a ladder on the stairs is important. However, here are some solutions to guide you to use a ladder on the stairs appropriately.

Some solutions for using a ladder on stairs safely: 

Using leg extenders 

One of the most common solutions for using a ladder on the stairs is using leg extenders. This solution is followed by many professionals for better performance. Leg extenders are a special component that needs to be fixed to the legs of a ladder permanently to use it on stairs. To implement this solution, you need to buy multiple leg extenders, which can increase your overall cost. Also, it may not be the right solution every time because the extended ladder may not be ideal for other applications. As the leg extenders are fixed to the ladder permanently, it becomes heavy and difficult to carry. 

Makeshift scaffolding 

It is another efficient way to use a ladder on the stairs. Also, it is an old house solution that is preferred by most professionals. It is reliable and safe to use if you build it properly. Also, it can allow you to paint the entire wall without changing its position. 

For building the makeshift scaffolding, you need two ladders, one step ladder, and an extension ladder. First, open the step ladder and prop it at one of the top stairs. Then lean the extension ladder against the wall for support. To prevent slipping, you can place a rug in the base of the ladder. Also, you can cover the arms of the ladder to protect the wall painting. Now, you need to place a wooden platform between the ladders on which you can stand and do your work. Fix the wooden platform properly and make sure there is no slipping before stepping on it. This way, the makeshift scaffolding helps you to do your job with ease. 

The drawback of this platform is it requires two ladders for making. Also, if there is no wall to support the extension ladder, then you can’t construct it. It also requires sturdy materials so that it can carry your whole weight. Therefore, if you want to do some repairing or painting work for a longer period, then you should opt for constructing the makeshift scaffolding. But for small tasks such as replacing a light, the makeshift scaffolding is not recommended as it requires a lot of time and effort to build. 

Using ladder aide

Ladder aide is another brilliant method to use a ladder on the stairs. It is a portable component that allows you to place a ladder on stairs easily to do your works. Whether you use it at home or office, it can let you do your work conveniently. Moreover, it doesn’t need any installation for placing your ladder. You can easily configure it on the stairs when you need to place a ladder on them. A ladder aide contains three parts, and those are base, upright, and platform. 

A ladder aide can be installed by following some simple steps. First, you can place the base on the lower stair and then the upright into it. Then you need to place the platform into the upright and bring it to the level of the upper stair. After that, you can insert the locking pins, and the ladder aide platform will be ready for placing the ladder. 

This platform is safe and secure for placing a ladder for your work. While placing a ladder, make sure the base of the ladder is placed between the safe ridges of the platform. Once you place the ladder properly on this platform, you can do anything you want. By using a ladder aide, you can do painting, repairing work, hang a photo frame, and many other things as per your requirement. As it is portable and simple to set up, you can assemble this on the stairs to do some work on stairs. Also, you can move it to the upper stairs easily without any adjustment because the size of every stair is the same. 

A ladder aide is a convenient component for anybody who needs to use a ladder on the stairs. It is lightweight and can be used easily. Also, it is compact and requires less space for storage. As it includes all the required parts with it, you no need to buy any part separately. Using a ladder aide is safe and reliable than other methods in the market for using a ladder on the stairs. Therefore, if you are looking for a solution for using a ladder on the stairs, then you can choose this option. 


Any person can need to use a ladder on the stairs at any point in time for some work at home. While doing this, you need to consider safety to prevent injuries. So, you can look for some simple methods to help you to use a ladder on the stairs properly. In this article, we have discussed three possible methods of using a ladder on the stairs. Each method also has some advantages and disadvantages. So you can read them and choose the right method for your convenience.