What is a Blanket Ladder? Its Uses and Benefits

Does winter makes you lazy and dull? Do you also find it challenging to get out of your blanket during freezing winter days? If yes, we are on this together! Due to the tiresome attitude, we often run late for our work. In such circumstances, taking care of your bedroom/living room décor is impossible. For all the messy people out there, a blanket ladder is a perfect escape. It complements the look of your room along with its outstanding usage. These are the innovation of the old-style quilt racks. If you also want a hack for quick cleaning of room by easy storage, blanket ladders are your savior. To know more about these gorgeous decorative utilizable items, keep reading the article till the end. So without any further delay, let us begin:

What is a Blanket Ladder?

Blanket Ladder

A blanket ladder is a functional piece of addition to any room. It could be made in different designs, such as rustic, wooden, metal, and many more. It serves both the functionality and interior décor. You can either purchase it from the market or make it all by yourself. It doesn’t require too much work and money. You can make it under 6$. Also, one can readily match it with the design of their rooms. Here are some outstanding uses of a blanket ladder:

How can you use a blanket ladder?

Blanket ladders can be used in many different ways. We are listing the top exciting ways to use it. However, you are always free to play with your creativity.

  • Using a blanket ladder for decorating indoor plants is one of the best ways to give your home an aesthetic look. Using different shapes of little glass containers; you can plant small plants inside them. Hang these glass jars on the ladder steps & you are done!
  • How can we forget the primary purpose? Use it for hanging your blankets. You can readily grab it and enjoy winter days with your loved ones.
  • On festive occasions, you can decorate the ladder with some lights, Christmas shoes, bells, blankets, and many more. It will enhance the coziness of your place.
  • You can also use it in the children’s play room. One can hang the baby’s cloth or other toys on the ladder.
  • It is also an outstanding space-saving option for a kitchen.

What are the advantages of having a blanket ladder?

  • It saves your time, as you do not need to store blankets separately.
  • It is a brilliant choice for showcasing your funky blankets.
  • In case you are a messy person, it decreases the chance of keeping and forgetting about the thing. As the blankets are on display, you can find them readily.


Blanket ladders are an aesthetic addition to your space. They are capable enough of holding several clothing items. Also, if you don’t want to invest in it, many DIY ideas for making blanket ladders are available. Make sure to glance over them and decide what you eventually want.