10 Best Ladder Stabilizers 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

Some people have a phobia of climbing the wall ladder. It is mainly because of stability issues. The ladder can vibrate when you are climbing, and at least 1 in 100 people have been injured while using a ladder. It becomes even difficult to climb a stair when you try to reach a height of over 2.5 meters. For some people, fear might kick in as soon as they start climbing. One product that can reduce the anxiety of using the ladder stabilizer. It is a simple enhancement that can be installed on your existing ladder to make it a lot safer. 

Instead, there are many different types of ladder stabilizers available in the market, and this makes things quite flexible for you. The choice indeed becomes difficult because of the magnitude of models available in the market. Choosing the right ladder stabilizer will help you in getting the right amount of support. It will also reduce vibrations while you are climbing high up. You will get a sudden boost of confidence while using ladder stabilizers.  We understand your challenges, especially if you have never purchased a ladder stabilizer until now. It can be challenging to choose a ladder stabilizer with no right guidance.

Best Ladder Stabilizer Reviews For 2021

So, what is the solution? How about we help you in choosing the right product? If you agree, then you can check out the review of the top 10 ladder stabilizers available in the market. We have reviewed them for you, and we have done all the homework before compiling this article. If you want to have more clarity, you can check out the buying guide before making the final purchase. It will give you clarity about the points that you must consider while making the purchase. So, let us move ahead and check out what is available in the market.

#1. Louisville Ladder LP-2200-00 StabilizerLouisville Ladder LP-2200-00 Stabilizer

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Louisville a famous brand that manufactures ladders. Fortunately, the brand also manufactures ladder stabilizers. This stabilizer is designed with metal, and it is of very high quality. The ladder stabilizer has a very smooth finish. The design of this ladder stabilizer features U bolts, which gives it a very reliable grip when the ladder is leaned against the wall. Apart from this, the stabilizer also has heavy duty rubber tips that prevent any damage to the exterior or interior walls. You can even use this ladder stabilizers with windows, causing no damage or scratch to the clear windows. 

The stabilizer can fit the ladders that rail up to 4 inches. It will hold the ladder approximately 12 inches away from the wall. When you are attaching the ladder stabilizers, you just need 2 U bolts along with it. The extra heavy rubber tips can be replaced when needed. The stabilizer spans across 48 inches, so you get some wide space to latch it on the wall. The total weight of this product is just 4.3 pounds. Overall, this ladder stabilizers is easy to use, and it has an excellent built quality.


  • It is made of aluminum, which not only keeps the weight low but also gives it strength.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • The rubber tips protect the wall or any other surface.


  • There are no cons associated with this ladder stabilizers.

#2. Werner AC78 Quickclick StabilizerWerner AC78 Quickclick Stabilizer

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Here is the second option, and this one is from Werner. Werner is also a very reputed brand for the ladders, so we are sure that you would not mind purchasing a ladder stabilizer from the same brand. The size of this stabilizer is 45 inches, and it is available in various packs. You can buy a pack of 2, pack of 3 or even pack of 4 depending on your requirements. The installation and removal of this ladder stabilizer are effortless, and it takes just about a few seconds to do that. You can use this ladder stabilizer for home painting projects, and you can use it even for the maintenance work. It has a 10 inch stand-off from the working surface. The locking latch comes with a spring assembly, and this is the part that makes it easy to install the stabilizer.

The end caps are designed with non-marring rubber. The stabilizer is compatible with all the Werner extension ladders. The material used here is aluminum, and it can be used on ladders of up to 40 feet.


  • There are no tools required for the installation of this ladder stabilizer.
  • The brand also offers paint can hook with this ladder stabilizer.
  • The quality is satisfactory.


  • This model is imported from China, and some people do not prefer Chinese products.

#3. Ladder-Max Stand-Off StabilizerLadder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer

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Do you live in a place where it rains or snows a lot? Well, we are sure that you would have to frequently clean the gutter in that case. It is a challenge to reach the cutter without damaging it, but this ladder stabilizer makes the task easy. It protects the gutter as the stabilizer is mounted on the roof. It is the most recommended safety tool that is needed by you. You can even install the Christmas lights and gutters with the help of this stabilizer. You can also use this ladder stabilizer with a wall, and it offers you with 19 inch stand-off. 

The ladder stabilizer is made of steel, but it still weighs just 7 pounds. It offers you with a stand-off of 19 inches. The zinc plating on the stabilizer protects it from corrosion as well. Overall, this is the most preferred choice for the people who often need access to the roof. 


  • It offers optimal protection to the cutter, and it allows easy access to the roof.
  • This model is manufactured in the USA, and hence there are no quality issues.
  • It offers excellent stability, and it is also very safe.


  • It is slightly more expensive than other options in the market.

#4. Roofers 220539 RT-LM Mount – Ladder StabilizerRoofers 220539 RT-LM Mount - Ladder Stabilizer

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Are you looking for a ladder stabilizer that can be mounted inside the gutter? Here is one such product that will serve the purpose for you. This ladder stabilizer fits inside all the 5 inches and 6 inches gutter, and it offers you enough safety while climbing. The design ensures that the channel doesn’t get damaged. You can use a pole or a broom handle to position it in the drain first. After placing it, you can simply mount the ladder on this stabilizer.

It should be noted that this model is made of plastic only. If you have a wider gutter, then you might need to fix a piece of insulation on either side. If you have a step ladder at home, then it would become even easier to use this ladder stabilizer. Overall, the quality is good. It won’t crack or bend easily. It is worth the purchase if you are looking for something affordable yet beneficial.


  • This model easily fits inside the gutter, and it doesn’t damage them.
  • The weight of the ladder is dispersed on the fascia and not the gutter.
  • It is a lightweight product as it weighs just 2 pounds.


  • It is made of plastic.

#5. Qualcraft 2470 Corner Buddy Aluminum Ladder StabilizerQualcraft 2470 Corner Buddy Aluminum Ladder Stabilizer

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At number 5, we have something from Qualcraft, and this ladder stabilizer is designed with aluminum. This product is a unique offering on our list, and we will tell you why. If you ever had to use the ladder on an outside corner, you would have realized its trouble. This product makes it easy for you to use the ladder even on the corners. It is not required to remove the ladder stabilizer while you are transporting the ladder. It also gives you easy access to the gutter and other things that are installed on the corner.

The bumpers are made of rubber to prevent any damage to the property. The yellow color allows you to notice the stabilizer safely. This model is primarily for the people who need to climb the corners frequently. You will not be able to use it with the straight wall, so you need to check the product’s specifications before you buy it.


  • This ladder stabilizer enables you to use the ladder with the corner.
  • It is made of aluminum, and it is very durable.
  • The ladder stabilizer is powder coating, and it saves the ladder stabilizer from rusting.


  • This model can only be used on the corners.

#6. Levelok Ladder Stabilizer Standoff BracketsLevelok Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets

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The next option on our list is from Levelok, and this ladder stabilizer is one of the safest options available in the market. It complies with all the safety standards, and it has a fantastic weight limit. You can use it with the Aluminum or fiberglass ladders. This ladder stabilizer can also be used with the extension ladders. One limitation here is that you need to have a D or O rung hole on the ladder rail, and it should also have a minimum diameter of 15/16 inch. There are no tools required to install it, and the installation process is straightforward.

It is a set of two brackets, and each bracket is installed on the sides of the ladder stabilizer. The primary material used in the construction is aluminum. The contact points of the brackets have a silicone elbow which guards the wall.


  • This ladder stabilizer meets ANSI & OSHA standards, and they can be used with ladders up to 300 pounds rating.
  • No fastener needed to install this ladder stabilizer. It fits into the side holes.
  • The brand offers a two-year warranty on this ladder stabilizer.


  • The ladder needs to have holes on the side to fit it.

#7. Roof Zone 19-Inch Stand-Off Extension Ladder StabilizerRoof Zone 19-Inch Stand-Off Extension Ladder Stabilizer

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At number 7, we have an option available from Roof Zone. This ladder stabilizer offers a stand-off of 19 inches, and it is enough to protect the gutters.  With the help of this ladder stabilizer, you won’t even damage your sidings or roofs. It saves you a lot of money in the form of the repair cost you might have incurred. It needs to be installed on the ladder, but the level of installation is relatively minimal. There are no tools required for installing the stabilizer, either.

The stabilizer also has many locks that offer enough stability to you. It keeps you safe until the job is done. Since it is made of steel, it remains durable, and it is also designed as per OSHA standards. The rubber bumpers protect the wall. It is a perfect purchase for contractors, construction workers, painters, and homeowners who like to maintain their property without external help.


  • You get a 19 inches stand-off with the help of this ladder stabilizer.
  • It is safe, stable, and it is perfect for the extension ladders.
  • The ladder stabilizer is made of steel, and it also features two rubber bumpers at the end.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#8. Levelok Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets with Foam ElbowsLevelok Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets with Foam Elbows

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Here is another option available from Levelok. One of the glaring differences between this product and the model that we talked about earlier is that this ladder stabilizer has foam elbows. The one that we talked about previously had silicone elbows. It is available at a much lower price because of this difference. There is no compromise on the safety as this ladder stabilizer also meets OSHA and ANSI requirements. Like the previous model, this one is also compatible with aluminum, steel, and fiberglass ladders. 

You just need a D or an O rung hole on the ladder’s rail, and the minimum diameter should be 1 inch. The brand has mentioned that the foam on the elbows is light duty and occasional use. Keep this in mind, and if you are looking for something better, then buy the one with silicone elbows.


  • The brand offers one year warranty on these ladder stabilizers.
  • No tools are required while installing these ladder stabilizer as the ends fit into rung holes.
  • These ladder stabilizers meet the safety requirements as per OSHA & ANSI Standards. 


  • The quality of the foam on the elbow is not very good.

#9. Softouch Ladder Stabilizer Bumpers End CapsSoftouch Ladder Stabilizer Bumpers End Caps

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Many times, the ladder has in-built stabilizers. They are great as they save you from additional cost, but there are specific cons associated with such ladders. With time, the bumper of the ladder stabilizer tends to lose the soft caps. This is a problem as using the ladder stabilizer without bumpers can damage the wall or the surface it is leaning against. In such a case, you need to find the bumper end caps. Here is one such offering available from Softouch. These are the bumper end caps that are suitable for such needs.

They are made of high quality, non-porous polymer, and this material is also resistant to abrasion and wears & tear. These bumpers do not react with the elements like sun, rain, or snow. They also divide the weight on a larger area as they have a vast dome at the end. If the top surface tends to lose grip, you can rotate the bumper, and it will extend their life by a few months.


  • These are the bumpers for the ladder stabilizer, which are otherwise hard to find.
  • They can fit the standard pipe diameter of 1.5 inches.
  • They are available at an affordable price.


  • Nothing as such.

#10. POPMOON Ladder Stabilizer for Home Ladder

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The models that we have talked about until now can be used against a wall or a corner. What happens when you need to use a home ladder on an unstable surface? For example, how will you use the ladder on grassland, sand, or snow? For such requirements, you must buy this ladder stabilizer. This stabilizer includes a set of abrasion resistant band, removable staples, and slip-resistant plate. The bottom of the ladder is attached to this ladder stabilizer. The steel is further powder coated to make it stronger and resistant to rust. 

It also reduces the lateral movement and hence keeping the ladder safe. You can adjust this ladder stabilizer between angles of 30 degrees to 38 degrees. The staples can be inserted in the soft surface like grass, sand, or snow. You can use the non-slip rubber grip on hard surfaces like wood and concrete. This ladder stabilizer allows you to work on all types of terrains, and that is why it is such a preferred ladder stabilizer.


  • This ladder stabilizer needs to be used on the base of the ladder.
  • It can enable you to use the ladder on grassland, wooden floor, sand, snow, and concrete.
  • The removable staples improve the stability on a soft surface.


  • These are not your standard ladder stabilizer.

How To Choose The Best Ladder Stabilizer

You may end up with trash no matter how expensive ladder stabilizers you buy. This situation will arise when you do not know about your requirements. So, our advice is to understand your needs before choosing a ladder stabilizer. In this section of the page, you will find all the relevant factors that you must look at while purchasing the ladder stabilizers.


Whenever you are buying a ladder or ladder stabilizers, the first thing that you must consider is the material that the ladder stabilizers are made of. It should make the ladder stable instead of increasing your risk. The stabilizer should be able to hold the weight of your body. If the ladder stabilizer is not strong enough, it might break and cause an injury. Some of the options that you will have in terms of the material are Aluminum, Plastic, Fiberglass, and steel. If we had been at your place, we would have avoided the plastic ones. Steel and aluminum ladder stabilizers offer excellent stability, and they are sturdy. The ones made of fiberglass are also very stable, but they are expensive. 


While you are working at the heights, you do not wish to compromise on your safety. You need to check out the same thing while buying a ladder. It is worth checking out if the ladder stabilizer is safe or not. It should offer you secure working. Purchasing a ladder stabilizer that comes with side extension should solve the problem. The strength of the ladder stabilizers will largely depend on the material. The wide-mouth opening will bring in more stability to it. Avoid buying the small ones and instead order a large one for yourself. 


You will be using your ladder to reach different places. The height would vary drastically, and in this case, you should adjust the ladder stabilizers as well. You must check if you can change the installation point of the ladder stabilizers and also check if you can change the angle of contact of the ladder stabilizers. This factor will ensure that your investment doesn’t go waste.

Ease of Installation

Ladder stabilizers are usually very simple to install, but you do not know when you come across a ladder stabilizer that is difficult to install. So, before you buy one, ensure that the model is very easy to install. You must not need any tools to install the ladder stabilizers. If your ladder stabilizer needs tools for installation, ensure that they are the bare minimum. This factor will make it easy for you to install the ladder stabilizers, and at the same time, it will also make it easy for you to swap the ladder stabilizers from one ladder to another. Ensure that you go through the user manual before actually using the ladder stabilizers. 


Your ladder stabilizers should also offer you versatility while you are using it. It should be able to help you clean the roof, and it should also be able to prove useful while cleaning the gutters. The specification of the ladder stabilizers will state it clearly. We want you to pay attention here as some of the ladder stabilizers are not compatible with the straight walls, while others are not compatible with the gutters. So, while choosing the product, ensure that you can use the ladder stabilizers on all surfaces.

Total Weight

You can even check the weight of the ladder stabilizers. The lightweight models are highly portable, while the heavyweights one is highly durable. You will have to make a slight trade-off here, and you need to understand if you are going to carry the ladder stabilizers anywhere. You must also see if the ladder stabilizers come with any weight limit rating. The rating should be enough to let you handle the ladder stabilizers easily.


We have talked about all the significant points, but one thing skipped our list until now. Yes, we are talking about the compatibility associated with the ladder stabilizer. You indeed wish to ensure that the ladder stabilizer is compatible with your ladder. It will be better to buy the ones that are compatible with a wide range of ladders. 


Some ladder stabilizers come with certain accessories that make it easy for you to work. You can check if the ladder stabilizer comes with a small tray or a rack. It will make it very easy to store the tools. In addition to this, you must also ensure that these accessories are made of good quality material. Check if the stabilizer comes with extra caps. The weight of these accessories should be well balanced so that the balance of stabilizer doesn’t change.


The last point that we want you to check is the cost of the ladder stabilizers. Usually, these ladder stabilizers are available for a price below $50, so you do not have any significant points of concern when it comes to the cost. Some models may go up till $100, but those ladder stabilizers will have extra offers. You need to check what is offered extra, and you need to align the offerings with your budget.

How To Set Up Ladder Stabilizer

Understand how a stabilizer can increase the capabilities of your ladder or how to use it to work more quickly and safely while using it. Here are some key points to remember while setting up a ladder stabilizer:

Having a stabilizer set in a wide stance makes it easier to work around high windows. The arms of the stabilizer can safely support the weight of a gallon of paint, but anything heavier than that should be avoided. With a stabilizer, you only need to position the ladder once to cutter all area’s all-around windows.

CAUTION! Keep an eye out for power lines that may be overhead. If you come into contact with them including your ladder or stabilizer, you could be electrocuted.

Instructions on how to attach a stabilizer

 Attaching a stabilizer to an extension ladder 

  • Carefully attach a stabilizer to an extension ladder. Read the instructions and evaluate whether the stabilizer is intended to be used with aluminum or fiberglass ladders based on the specifications.
  • Attach the stabilizer only at the very top of the ladder, and make sure that angle clips and U-bolts are properly positioned on the vertical slats and across the ladder rung.
  • Stabilizers can be classified into two parts: fixed-depth stabilizers and adjustable-depth stabilizers. Before leasing or purchasing either type, make sure that it is meant to be used with your aluminum or fiberglass ladder before making a decision.
  • Installing a fixed-depth stabilizer is as simple as sliding it over the rungs of your ladder and locking it in place with the safety clip. A typical model has a length of approximately 45 in. and retains the ladder number 10 in a place away from the house’s exterior wall.
  • A total weight potential of 300 lbs is achieved by using these wheels and is available for purchase at home centers. 
  • The most adaptable stabilizers are those that can be adjusted. U-bolts are used to secure this type of rung to the side rails of your ladder.
  • It, too, is equipped with a 300-lb. It has a high load capacity and can be converted quickly from differential widths of 49 inches to a height of 65 inches (12 inches deep), to a relatively narrow width of 48 inches (at a 12-inch depth). (However, the depth is only 29 inches). 

You can rent a ladder stabilizer from a rental center, or you can purchase one from home improvement stores and huge hardware stores.

Ladder Stabilizers Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to find a perfect fit for the ladder stabilizer?

    Ladder stabilizers are a great tool for enhancing the usability and performance of the home ladders. IF you are also looking forward to enhance the overall performance of the ladder, you should try buying a perfect ladder stabilizer. Though you can find a perfectly designed ladder stabilizer for yourself according to your ladder, you should once check the compatibility of the stabilizer with your ladder. In case you aren’t too sure about the fit, we will suggest you to go with the adjustable ladder stabilizer that fits different types of ladders with ease and provides a perfect value for your money. Adjustable ladder stabilizers ensure that you have invested your money in the right product that is going to serve you better.

  2. Will the ladder stabilizer can fit different ladders?

    The ladder stabilizers are meant to fit different ladders. However, it is essential that you check the adjustability and compatibility of the stabilizer before buying it. There are numerous brands that list the compatible ladders’ size and material. So, if you are looking forward to getting the best-valued product you should buy a ladder that fits your ladder. And if you are after a stabilizer that fits different categories of ladders along with the different sizes. Also, be sure to choose an ideal material to be assured of getting a better life and quality.

  3. What are the key benefits of choosing the ladder stabilizer?

    The ladder stabilizers are great for homeowners. For those buyers who are looking to buy a highly efficient stabilizer, here are the benefits you can avail of by choosing the right ladder stabilizers. Have a look at these, and then decide whether you should buy a ladder stabilizer for yourself.
    Available for different types of home ladders
    Can be used as a wall-support, or ground support
    Provides ladders enhanced usability
    These were a few benefits of using the ladder stabilizers. So, choose an ideal stabilizer for your ladders and avail numerous benefits of choosing the brilliant accessory for your ladder.

  4. How a normal ladder stabilizer is different from Quick-Click ladder stabilizer?

    Quick Click ladder stabilizers are special types of ladder stabilizers that offer easier usability along with better value. The Quick click ladder stabilizers are great for the users who are looking to buy the ladder stabilizer for the first time and aren’t too keen to buy a hard to assemble ladder stabilizer. The quick-click ladder stabilizers can be installed without any single tool. They are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble. So, try your hands on this type of stabilizer if you are looking for best-in-class performance and usability.

  5. What should we look for while purchasing a new ladder stabilizer?

    There are a few important things that you should keep in mind while purchasing a new ladder stabilizer. Some of them include compatibility, support type, and material efficiency. These few things can help you a lot in choosing a perfect ladder stabilizer for yourself. Try your hands on a durable product for your home and give your ladder a perfect companion to get ideal performance.

Final Verdict

The best thing about the ladder stabilizers is that they are very versatile. They can work with telescopic ladders, and they can work with all other types of ladders. One take-away that we have after testing multiple products is that it will be better if the stand-off of the ladder stabilizers is at least 10 inches. It will help you in getting the perfect footing while you are climbing up. Moreover, if you wish to get a sturdy ladder stabilizers, you can buy the one made of steel. It may be expensive, but it will last very long. Ensure that the stabilizer also has soft ends to avoid scratching your walls.

It is more important to know your requirements as knowing your needs will help you make a choice easy. Go through the user guide to understand how to use it safely. Do not attempt to install the ladder stabilizers without checking out the manual. If you still have any questions about the ladder stabilizers, you can leave a comment for us, and we will get back to you shortly with the answer. We will now conclude this page, but before leaving, you can check out other website sections and get some valuable insights about the different types of ladders available in the market.