10 Best Extension Ladders 2021 – Expert Reviews & Guide

For reaching a certain height in your home, garden, or work to do some work, ladders are the most convenient tool to use. When you want to reach more height of your home such as ceiling, roof, etc., you need an extension ladder to get your job done. Also, extension ladders are a must-have for some works such as home decoration, cleaning of windows and gutter, repairing the ceiling, painting, and many more. Most households prefer an extension ladder to do these types of works conveniently.

If you have a high-quality extension ladder, then you can do any job at your home or garden with ease. But many people face storage issues while using an extension ladder. They also doubt about the safety of using it. However, the extension ladders have changed with time and become compact and the safest option to use at home nowadays. They come with a foldable design and safety features that allow you to use them excellently. So, it is worth investing in an extension ladder for your home usage.

Best Extension Ladder Reviews For 2021

Though it seems effortless, it is not that simple to find the right extension ladder for your application from the market. You have to consider many aspects to get the right tool for you. Here are some important factors and some of the best extension ladders that you can check as a reference while buying a ladder for you.    

#1. Little Giant Ladders 6 Feet Extension LadderLittle Giant Ladders 6 Feet Extension Ladder

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The Little Giant Ladders extension ladder is an outstanding tool for those buyers who need a stylish cum useful ladder for their work. This extension ladder can be used in three methods according to your requirements. If you want an extension ladder to reach the roof or attic access point, then the Little Giant extension ladder is an ideal choice. It can also be converted into a stepladder as per your requirement. If you want to do some work at a height, then you can use it as a straight ladder. Thus it can be used in three different ways according to your requirement. 

Because it comes with a rotating wall pad, you can use this ladder on the wall, stud, inside, and outside corners safely. Also, the feet of the ladder can be changed on the job site according to your needs. This ladder comes with industrial, professional, and technical feet for your use. Because of this feature, you can easily do your work on any job site. It can be used between studs because it is narrow from the extension side. Therefore, it can be used in tight workspaces such as wall studs, attic access points, ceiling trusses, etc. This product weighs 21 pounds that let you carry it from one location to another with ease. 


  • This ladder can be used in three styles according to your requirement. 
  • The rotating wall pads allow you to use it on corners, walls, and studs easily. 
  • The feet of this ladder can be changed as per your job. 


  • None so far.

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#2. Louisville FE3216 16-Foot Extension LadderLouisville FE3216 16-Foot Extension Ladder

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With a load capacity of 300 lbs, the Louisville extension ladder is an ideal tool for reaching higher places to do your work. It can be used for working on residential jobs, light construction, electrical, and utility jobs conveniently. The rungs of the extension ladder are D shaped and serrated to provide non-slip performance. So you can achieve higher stability while doing heavy-duty jobs. The rail end caps are mar-resistant to protect the leaning surface and provide long-lasting performance. The extension ladder comes with a lock with a quick latch system that keeps it extended to allow you to do your work with ease. 

Because of the industry-standard construction, this ladder is ideal for residential and commercial works. The safety shoes of this ladder are steel plated and include a rubber step for safety and stability. Also, it is durable and ideal for use for a long time on the job site. Because the rails of this ladder are made of insulating fiberglass material, it can be used on electricity works conveniently. The slide guides of this ladder are durable and offer smooth performance. The Louisville extension ladder is an industry-standard extension ladder and can be used for both professional and consumer applications with ease. 


  • The rung and rail connection is compressed with the hydraulic system to prevent the rungs from rotating. 
  • It has heavy-duty slide guides with a stop on the fly to stop the ladder from overextending. 
  • Mar-resistant end caps to keep the landing surface safe. 


  • Though it is a good ladder, some users have received damaged products for their orders. 

#3. Luisladders 15.5 Feet Telescoping Extension LadderLuisladders 15.5 Feet Telescoping Extension Ladder

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This extension ladder has a stylish look and is convenient to use because of the telescoping design. Also, it is compact and lightweight to let you use it for different purposes with ease. The Luisladders extension ladder is easy to store and transport. If you need an extension ladder to carry to different locations, then this telescoping ladder is an ideal option for you. You can use this ladder for painting, decorating, home maintenance, cleaning the windows, etc. The main advantage of this ladder is that it can be adjusted to your preferred size to do your work. 

There is a grip handle on this ladder that allows you to carry it with one hand conveniently. It has inward slide latches to adjust the rungs effortlessly. It allows you to adjust the rungs according to your requirement to reach your desired height. It contains non-slip end caps on the bottom to prevent slipping and let you do your work safely. The ladder contains 15 rungs with a spring-loaded locking mechanism for your safety and convenience. Also, it features sturdy construction to allow you to use it for different purposes with ease. This telescopic ladder is made of aerospace engineered 6061 aluminum alloy to offer high durability and usability. 


  • The unique telescoping design makes the extension ladder compact and highly portable. 
  • There are rubber end caps on the feet of this ladder for excellent stability. 
  • This extension ladder can carry up to 330 lbs of load. 


  • As per some users, the ladder is not stable for higher heights though the concept is great. 

#4. Tacklife telescoping 17 feet extension ladderTacklife telescoping 17 feet extension ladder

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If you are looking for an extension ladder for indoor and outdoor use, then this telescoping ladder is perfect for you. With the Tacklife telescoping ladder, you can paint your home, clean the ceilings, hang a photo, clean windows, and gutters, etc. The ladder has a foldable design for easy transportation and storage. There are two big wheels to move this extension ladder on the job site. The feet of this ladder has a horseshoe shape to provide non-slip performance. It also has a larger ground contact to offer maximum support and strength compared with other ladders. The height of this ladder is adjustable with a simple “J” lock that offers you high convenience. 

The Tacklife telescoping ladder can be converted to a stepladder to allow you to work on stairs and uneven surfaces easily. Also, it can be configured to a 90-degree ladder to let you access a specific window or wall conveniently. The telescoping ladder has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. Because it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum material, it is highly durable and long-lasting. Moreover, it is adjustable to four different sizes using the “J” quick lock to allow you to use it for different applications. It can get extended up to 15 feet so that you can lean it on a wall and reach the roof for cleaning or other works. 


  • This extension ladder allows you to reach up to 17 feet height with ease. 
  • The Tacklife brand provides friendly customer service for its products. 
  • The height of this ladder can be adjusted easily according to your needs. 


  • None so far.

#5. TOPRUNG 13 feet extension ladderTOPRUNG 13 feet extension ladder

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It is another high-quality extension ladder for professional and consumer applications. This ladder has a 5-in-1 design to provide high convenience to you. Apart from being an extension ladder, the TOPRUNG ladder can be used as a stairway ladder, scaffold frame, wall ladder, and stepladder. It comes in a fully assembled form that allows you to use it excellently after purchasing it. With sturdy construction, the extension ladder allows you to use it for a variety of works with ease. The ladder is made of aircraft-grade aluminum material for high strength and performance. It meets the ANSI standard and will provide enhanced performance. 

With a compact design, it is easy to store and transport. It has wider rungs to let you stand and do your work on it comfortably. Because it comes with non-slip feet, you can experience high stability while using this ladder. Also, it is lightweight and allows you to do your work with ease. For enhancing the lifespan of the ladder, TOPRUNG recommends storing it in a dry location. It also suggests keeping the product clean to ensure high performance. The TOPRUNG extension ladder has a capacity of 300 lbs for an improved experience. 


  • It is a multipurpose ladder and offers high performance.
  • This ladder is comfortable to use and store. 
  • The ladder has premium aluminum construction. 


  • None so far.

#6. Werner D1510-1 10 Feet Extension LadderWerner D1510-1 10 Feet Extension Ladder

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The Werner D1510-1 extension ladder is an excellent tool for those who need a convenient ladder for their work. This ladder can withstand 300 lbs load to enable you to use it effectively. It comes with D-shaped rungs with the non-slip feature to let you do your work comfortably. The Werner extension ladder features heavy-duty aluminum construction that offers high durability and strength. If you are looking for a sturdy extension ladder to reach up to the roof or window of your home for cleaning, then this 10 feet ladder is perfect for you. Also, it provides greater convenience to allow you to do your work on it with ease. 

The rungs of this ladder are connected to the rails with the Alflo rung joint connection of the Werner brand. This connection ensures that the rungs won’t turn during the operation. As the rails have heavy-duty construction, this extension ladder is a brilliant choice for multiple applications. The safety shoe comes with the Shu-Lok feature that keeps it in a flat position for safety. Because of lightweight construction, it is easy to carry and store. For maximum comfort and safety, the Werner D1510-1 extension ladder is an ideal option. 


  • This extension ladder has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. 
  • It has D-shaped rungs for maximum comfort and usability. 
  • The safety shoe stays flat on the ground to enable you to do your work conveniently. 


  • High cost. 

#7. Terokota 16.4 Feet Telescoping Extension LadderTerokota 16.4 Feet Telescoping Extension Ladder

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With 12 adjustable rungs, the Terokota telescoping extension ladder is a brilliant tool for homes. This ladder can be used for cleaning windows & roof or accessing the attic point. It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds for high usability. There are 28 inner locking bolts in this ladder to keep the rungs in the position firmly and safely. However, you can double-check the lock buttons to ensure the rungs are tightly placed. The telescoping feature lets you arrange and store this ladder in a small place with ease. Also, it can be carried in your car with you effortlessly. You can use the Terokota extension ladder for a variety of applications with ease. 

This portable telescoping ladder is made of high-quality aluminum alloy to offer matchless strength and durability. Because it is a compact ladder, you can store it conveniently when not in use. It comes with multi-locking buttons that keep the rungs safely. The extension ladder comes with non-slip rubber feet to keep it in the position to assure your safety during the work. Another best thing about the Terokota extension ladder is that it is easy to extend and retract according to your needs. So when you need to reach a certain height at your home, you can easily use it. 


  • The Terokota telescoping ladder can be used for multiple applications. 
  • It is safe and convenient to use. 
  • The telescoping feature makes the extension ladder compact and portable. 


  • None so far.

#8. DICN 10.5 Feet Telescoping Extension LadderDICN 10.5 Feet Telescoping Extension Ladder

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The DICN telescoping ladder is another convenient tool for home use. It comes with 11 rungs that allow you to reach your desired height easily. It is made of anodized aluminum that looks attractive and feels clean to hand. Because of the telescoping design, the DICN extension ladder is easy to use and store. Whether you use it for indoor or outdoor work, it can perform excellently and make your work easier. It weighs around 20 pounds and can carry up to 330 pounds. The DICN telescoping extension ladder can be a superb tool for you if you like to use telescoping ladders. 

The anti-slip rubber feet make this ladder safe to use and improve its performance. With the space-saving design, this extension ladder allows you to store it in any corner of your home conveniently. The lightweight design lets you carry it with one hand. The extension ladder is highly reliable and offers unique performance. It is a multipurpose telescoping ladder that enables you to do a variety of tasks at home with ease. With excellent safety features, it is ideal to use for multiple applications. The DICN brand offers satisfactory customer service for this extension ladder so that you can experience high performance.          


  • It can carry up to 330 pounds with ease. 
  • The non-slip rubber feet offer a high grip to allow you to do your work safely. 
  • The compact and lightweight designs allow you to transport this ladder with ease. 


  • None so far.

#9. Jiahe 12.5 Feet Telescoping Extension LadderJiahe 12.5 Feet Telescoping Extension Ladder

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The Jiahe telescoping extension ladder is a 2-in-1 tool that lets you use it for a variety of works. It can perform as an A-frame ladder with a height of 6.25 feet and a straight ladder with a height of 12.5 feet. Also, it is easy to store this extension ladder because it is compact and has a simple design. The Jiahe telescoping extension ladder can be placed in a car for transportation. Because it is lightweight, you can easily carry it with one hand. Moreover, the brand provides instructions to use it effectively at home. With a load-carrying capacity of 330 pounds, the Jiahe telescoping extension ladder allows you to do your work conveniently. 

There is a heavy-duty securing strap that holds the rungs firmly. Also, it has a high grip handle that allows you to carry it effortlessly on the job site. This extension ladder can be used for washing windows, indoor and outdoor decoration, painting, cleaning gutters, maintaining ceiling, etc. Because of the foldable design, it can be extracted and retracted to your desired height effortlessly. The ladder has protection spacers that prevent bumps and friction while retracting it. A 1-year warranty is included with it that lets the user use it efficiently. 


  • The Jiahe telescoping ladder can be used in two ways. 
  • It has a convenient design for ease of use. 
  • This telescoping extension ladder is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Some users have experienced stability issues while using this extension ladder.

#10. Bowoshen 16.5 Feet Telescopic Extension LadderBowoshen 16.5 Feet Telescopic Extension Ladder

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The Bowoshen extension ladder is an easy to use tool to perform your works at home. With this extension ladder, you can do all types of indoor and outdoor works with ease. The telescopic ladder comes with the safety standard EN131 to let you use it confidently. Anyone who is looking for a durable and high-quality extension ladder for doing painting, cleaning, and repairing works at home can use it effectively. Also, it is easy to extend and retract the telescopic ladder. The maximum load capacity of this ladder is 330 pounds, which is great for any person. The ladder comes with independent locking buttons for the rungs to let you perform your work securely. 

Another unique feature of this telescopic ladder is that it can be adjusted to a certain height as per your application. Industrial-grade durable aluminum material is used for making this ladder, and it offers high strength for doing multiple works. It is ideal for both professionals and consumers and a must-have tool for every home. It comes with anti-slip rubber feet that provide high stability to allow you to work on it efficiently. The ladder is lightweight and strong enough to use in different applications. Also, it is ideal for use in difficult to reach areas with ease. Because of the telescopic design, it can be used as an A-frame and extension ladder according to your needs. 


  • This extension ladder has a stylish design that offers a unique feel.
  • It is easy to store and carry because of the lightweight and compact design. 
  • There are unique locking buttons for rungs to connect them safely. 


  • As per some customer complaints, the ladder feels unsafe during extended use.

How To Choose The Best Extension Ladder

Extension ladders are very useful for homes and workplaces. Also, they are available in multiple styles and come with many features. Therefore, selecting an extension ladder out of many options can be a difficult task for any person. While choosing, you have to consider many factors, including safety, to ensure that you can use it without any difficulty. The following are some essential points to look for before deciding an extension ladder for buying. 

Check The Size Of The Ladder

While buying an extension ladder, the most important thing to consider is the size of the ladder. You should check the maximum height that the ladder can reach and compare it with the height that you want to reach to make sure it is right for your application. You can choose an extension ladder that has more height than the height you want to reach so that you can use it safely without slipping. Also, make sure the ladder extends three feet more than the ceiling or your working height for safe performance. 

Weight Capacity

You should also check that the maximum weight that the ladder can carry before buying it. Usually, extension ladders come with a weight capacity of 300 to 330 pounds, which will be enough for most applications. Also, you can consider your weight and the weight of the tools that you want to carry to decide which the right extension ladder is for you. 

Telescoping Ladder

While looking for an extension ladder for your application, you can find some telescoping ladders in the market. In general, such ladders can be extended and retracted easily according to your needs. Also, they are compact and easy to store. The main benefit of a telescoping extension ladder is that it is portable and convenient to use. Therefore, you can consider this option and choose a telescoping extension ladder for ease of use. 

Safety Features

Ladder-related injuries are very common nowadays. Therefore, considering the safety features of an extension ladder is important before buying it. You can look for the extension ladders that come with non-slip safety shoes, jagged rungs, and durable construction to ensure high performance. Also, make sure that the ladder provides high stability while working on it. 

Storage Options

Storing the extension ladder is an important thing to ensure long-lasting performance. You should store the ladder in a dry place to protect it from wear, corrosion, etc. So the extension ladder should be foldable to allow you to store it in a small place with ease. You can look for extension ladders that become compact when folded to ensure easy storing. If the ladder is not foldable, then you can store it horizontally in a wider place.    


Extension ladders are usually made of many types of materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, wood, steel, plastic, etc. Every material comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum is durable, long-lasting, and can carry lots of weight, but it is a conductor of electricity. So aluminum ladders are not ideal for electrical works. 

The wood material is good for ladders and can be used in electrical applications, but it is heavy. Also, it needs extra care to ensure longer usability. Fiberglass is very strong and can be used for multiple applications. Though it is expensive, it worth the price. Steel material is also durable and can withstand heavy loads. It requires appropriate storage to prevent rusting. Plastic material is the cheapest option and ideal for some common conditions. You can consider all these points and choose a material that is right for your application. 

Extension Ladder Using Guidelines

It is must that you use the extension ladder properly, unless you can fall to the floor, or slip to the side. Thus, the ladder can be remarkably dangerous. To protect yourself from these hazards, here are easy steps are discussed to use extension ladders.

Choosing the appropriate ladder

The first step in using the extension ladder is to choose a proper ladder for your work. It intends, there are different capacities are available in the market of the ladder. That is an important task for you to select the capacity of the ladder as your need. For normal household use, you have to buy at least 275 lbs capacity.

Know your ladder

Before practically using the ladder by yourself, it is a must to know the parts of your ladder. There is some important part are there to know before attempt to use. Safety shoes should be there to make a proper grip on the ground. Fly section, base section and other safety gears are also important to consider, before using an extension ladder.

Setting the ladder on the position

Now, you got the right ladder capacity and know its functions. After this all, now is the time to set up the ladder with the wall. To set the ladder with the wall, lean the ladder in 4:1 with the wall to the ground. Never adjust the ration less than this, it can be dangerous for you. Finally, make sure that the area of the ground is clear.

Start climbing

After setting all the adjustments to the ladder, start to climb on the ladder slowly. Make sure that the rung of the ladder is clean and properly dry. Slips rungs can be dangerous and make you fall from the height. Reach the height where you want to work, make stand comfortably by making balance. Complete your work slowly without making any type of disturbance. Also, make sure that no one can disturb the balance of your ladder.

Climb down

When you complete your work on the ladder climb down by following the instructions below. First, watch the position of the next rung properly and set your food on it easily with a hard handgrip with the main rods of the ladder. The next step is to make sure that your feet are at the position of the rung, otherwise, you can fall. Repeat this process again and again until you reach the ground.

Extension Ladder Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sizes do the extension ladder comes in?

    The extension ladders are available in multiple size options. You will find the extension ladder that is as small as 10 feet, and you will find the ones which are as tall as 40 feet. The usual size of the extension ladder is 16 feet, 20 feet, 24 feet, etc. The two sections of the extension ladder would overlap each other. For example, the extension ladder, which has a height of 16 feet, would be made of two sections of 8 feet each. So, you can explore the market and choose the size according to your needs.

  • Do I need to tie the extension ladder?

    You must assess the surroundings before climbing the step ladder. Particularly, if the top support point for the ladder is a roof eave, you must ensure you extend the ladder at least 1 foot above the roof eave. For your safety, you must also tie the extension ladder to the upper access level. This way, you will have better stability. To answer your question, we would say that you would need to look at different situations and take the decision to tie the extension ladder based on the condition under which you are using the ladder.

  • Can I separate the extension ladders?

    Yes, you can separate the extension ladder, but you would need to follow specific safety guidelines. You would need to ensure that you are not using the upper section of the safety ladder. Ideally, separating the extension ladder is not advisable. Still, if you have to do that in certain circumstances, you will need to be very careful, and you would have to ensure that proper safety standards are being followed.

  • What is the correct angle for using the extension ladder?

    Extension ladders are not different from other ladders. The rule remains the same when you are using the extension ladder. The ideal angle between the ladder and the ground is 75 degrees. You can also follow the 3 point rule to enhance safety when you are climbing the ladder. As per the rule, at any time, you should have 3 points of contact. This means that your feet and a hand or both hands and a foot should be on a ladder at any time.

  • How much should the extension ladder overlap?

    The overlap depends on the total length of the ladder. If the extension ladder has a height of 24 feet, it should have an overlap of at least 2 feet. Similarly, if the ladder has a height of 36 feet, then the overlap should be 3 feet. As per the calculations, the overlap between the extensions should be 4 feet for a 48 feet ladder. Now you have an idea, and you can use the extension ladder accordingly.

  • How to lower the extension ladder with rope?

    To lower the extension ladder, you would need help from a person. The first step is to align the ladder perpendicular to the ground. Now, someone would need to untie the knot on the rope, and he would have to release the rope slowly and steadily so that the upper section comes down. Be careful and ensure that you do not have the hand between the sliding. Do not leave the rope entirely, as the free-falling section can damage the ladder.


Extension ladders have become an essential tool for homes because they are used frequently at homes. Also, their design and features have changed over time.